The Happiest Rescue Dog Ever?

The Happiest Rescue Dog Ever?

Happiest Rescue Dog

Meet Coso, a 7 year-old Australian Shepherd Mix. She was left by a family that felt they could no longer look after her. We have to remember that our dogs are for our lives, they are family. But thankfully, that didn’t stop her from being the happiest rescue dog ever.

Thankfully over the weekend, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, which is also a rescue, saved her and helped her find a new loving family. Corso throws her paws up to celebrate as possibly the happiest rescue dog of all time.

Before Corso left the shelter, she decided she had to pose for one last legendary picture.  Look at how happy she is! Doesn’t this make you want to go out and adopt a pup right this very minute?

More heartwarming rescue dog stories

We love heartwarming stories like this one. Looking for more?  Check out this adorable video of Benny the shelter dog who was also beyond excited to be adopted!

This is one of our all time favorites – a dog adopted by the firefighter that rescued him from an abandoned building. Does it get any sweeter than that? Grab the tissues!

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