Top 10 Breeds for Active People

For people who lead a healthy and active lifestyle, they tend to want a dog that can reflect the same regimen as them. Fortunately, there are plenty of highly active and energetic dog breeds out there to choose from. According to the American Kennel Club, these select breeds have been coined as ‘top dogs’ to […]

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What To Call Your New Puppy

Sorting through unique puppy names is always a challenge – particularly if you are being democratic and letting the whole family weigh in with their thoughts. What to call your new puppy? What to call your dog? Hmm. Do you name your puppy after your favorite characters from TV? Do you name your dog after your […]

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Why Do Dogs Growl?

Why do dogs growl? The reason is simple, its to ward of any danger and also to alert their pack that there is an issue. However, we don’t want our dogs to growl at a person, particularly a friend or family member. Sometimes it can be even more alarming, if your pup keeps growling at […]

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