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    Training your dog is hard work. With the help of professionals, you can get your relationship with your pup going in the right direction.

    John Garcia is the official trainer with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah and is known for his work with the dogs of DogTown (a homeless dog “shelter” where dogs are treated as more than “shelter dogs”.) Garcia focuses on training that builds positive relationships between dogs and humans and approaches training with the belief that every dog deserves a second chance. John is skilled at working with dogs from difficult circumstances and is noted for his work with the Vicktory Dogs confiscated from Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation.

    Larry Benoit is the owner of Larry Benoit Dog Trainer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Larry’s approach to training is built on the Dick Russell Method of Dog Obedience that builds on trust, respect, and leadership with gentle training techniques that are easy to follow through with. Larry’s training program offers group classes, one on one training, and boarding while training options.

    Linda Michaels is the owner of Del Mar Dog Training in California. Linda’s approach to training focuses on the promotion of animal welfare while solving behavioral problems using a force-free, positive training approach based on scientific (behavioral neurobiological) evidence. Linda is perhaps best known for her development of the “Hierarchy of Dog Needs” which serves as a guide to wellness and force-free modification of behavior.

    Grisha Stewart is a professional dog trainer, seminar speaker, and book author located in Alaska. Grisha’s approach to training focuses on the health of whole family life by empowering a dog with the tools they need to meet their needs through teaching effective two-way communication. Grisha is also known for having developed Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT), which helps build social skills for puppies and re-educate dogs with reactivity issues.

    Tonya Wilhelm is the founder of Toledo Dog Training AKA Raising Your Pets Naturally based out of Toledo, Ohio. Tonya’s approach to training is designed to give dog parents the skills and tools they need to train their dogs using positive reinforcement. She offers both one on one private training sessions and group training sessions.

    Emily Larlham is the owner of the Dogmantics dog training business in California. Emily’s training approach focuses on humane training and making free humane training techniques available to everyone. Throughout her training experience, Emily coined what is referred to as “Progressive Reinforcement Training” – the ethical training of animals that uses neither physical or psychological intimidation. In addition to Dogmantics, Emily is perhaps best known worldwide for her YouTube channel ‘Kikopup’ which shows her training techniques in action.

    Martin Deeley is the owner of Florida Dog Trainer in Florida. Martin’s approach to training focuses on curating a relationship between the dog and their owner to reinforce healthy behaviors in dogs on and off-leash. Most particularly, Martin excels when working with behaviorally challenged dogs and dogs being trained as gun dogs. The Florida Dog Trainer program offers one on one training and boarding while training programs.

    James Hamm is the owner of Lonestar Dog Training in Texas. A training facility that serves the entire state and focuses on “whole-dog” training that considers the mental, physical, and psychological needs of a dog while building a strong relationship between the dog and their owner.

    Paul is often quoted for his belief that “non-violence fosters non-violence” and in addition to his many years in dog training, he has also played an important role in local violence prevention programs and has been active in yoga for forty years. Despite his many talents, Paul is most frequently called upon for evaluation and behavior modification in aggressive dogs.

    Steve Scott is a veteran of the US Army. He deployed to numerous foreign countries and lived in Europe, where he was able to form a working relationship with the top protection dog kennels. After his service in the Army, Steve pursued a career in Law Enforcement, earning honors as the head trainer of his Police Department’s K9 Unit. Steve’s real-world police K9 experience is what sets Scott’s K9 apart from other protection dog companies. With Steve’s dog training expertise and his access to the top European kennels, our Family Protection Dogs and trained Police Dogs are second to none.

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