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    The foodies these guys make smells so good you will find yourself salivating just as much as your doggies. You should probably reserve it for the pets, though. Unless…?

    Knibbles is well-known for their artisanal pet treats and their beautiful store. We also see lots of dog owners using the Knibbles store as the venue for their dog’s birthday party. So it’s great to know that they have also started to offer customised dog cakes! We haven’t tried it, but definitely something to consider in future!

    Established in 2012, CoBam provides bespoke cakes for dogs. We love their refined execution! Whether it’s a dog figurine or custom design, they do a great job!

    BossiPaws is an extension of Ah B Cafe. We’ve personally tasted their cakes and treats for dogs at The White Christmas Party. Even without sugar or salt, the humans found themselves pinching food from the dogs’ table.

    Miss Cleopatra or otherwise known to her closest canine friends as ‘Miss Cleo is the subject of Cleo’s Barkery™ , located in Westchester. Cleo is the pride and joy of its owner and creator Christine Ciaramello. This beloved 9-year-old Doberman/Bull terrier is friendly and fun loving

    Just look at their sushi cake! You can turn your outrageous ideas into reality, or go with Barking Good’s toned down menu of meat pies and simple personal cakes.

    Walking down the street the other week, a couple stopped me and asked if they were near “…Sprinkles. They have cupcakes that come out of a vending machine.” I was a little taken a-back. But it’s true! The Cupcake ATM is one highlight of this bakery, but there’s another one: the popular pupcakes that are made specifically for your pooch. I’m not sure if they’re in the ATM, but it would be worth a visit to find out!

    At The Dog Bakery, we’ll never judge you for loving your dog too much. We won’t roll our eyes at picture after picture of Sparky, when Sassy’s wearing a tiara, if Mr. Noodle only drinks bottled water, not even if Peanut friends us on Facebook.

    We’ve been making tails wag since 1989, and today our mission remains the same –– feed the souls of dogs and the people that love them.

    Bing’s Barkin’ Bakery was established 2001 when my husband and I discovered that our 11 year old dog Bing – a pit bull / lab mix – had developed arthritis. I felt sad that Bing was so uncomfortable and wanted to do something special for him. I decided to bake him a batch of treats – all natural peanut butter bones. After Bing tasted his freshly baked (not stale store-bought) treats, he seemed to get a little spring back in his step! I called my veterinarian to see if he thought the treats could have had an effect on Bing’s condition, and while he couldn’t say if there was a direct relationship between the two, he told me to just keep on baking!

    Bocce’s Bakery has a sweet beginning. The origin story talks about an over weight pup and his mom looking for a solution. Their site says, “I was shocked with the amount of preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that I had never heard of in his food…” Thus is the origin of this “organic, seasonal” organization.

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