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Best Dog Rescues

A doggie's angels. Let's be real here. There is no "best" rescue. All rescues are the best.

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    Let’s recognize some of the amazing dog rescues.

    Ace of Hearts is yet another non-profit organization that is solely focused on rescuing dogs from shelters around Los Angeles, California. Their organization rescues all breeds of dogs, so you can expect to find a variety of breeds to choose from.

    Are you looking for a dog rescue organization that will match you with the right furry companion? Well, Beople’s Buddies Animal rescue got you covered. This organization runs a program that takes ownership of neglected animals and makes them available for adoption. As you would expect, the organization source their dogs from animal shelters and people who are looking to surrender their furry friends.

    Our final pick happens to be Wags & Walks, a non-profit dog rescue that was founded in 2011. Lesley Brog founded the organization after being devastated by the high number of dogs that were being euthanized in Los Angeles Shelters. At least, this foundation has shown the community in Los Angeles that people can find fantastic and healthy dogs through rescues.

    The North Shore Animal League America is a domestic rescue located in New York and is the world’s “largest, most comprehensive no-kill rescue and adoption organization.” Their efforts in the no-kill movement have saved many lives of homeless pets in America through public education programs as well as their rescue and rehabilitation efforts. As of 2019, the North Shore Animal League America works with 2,000 shelters across the world to provide for and rescue homeless animals.

    Forte Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2003. The founders of this awesome organization have been working in animal rescues for quite a long time; therefore, you can rest assured that you will be getting a wonderful dog.

    Compassion Without Borders was founded after founder Christi Payne saw first-hand the devastating conditions that street dogs in Mexico were living in. The organization, run by animal advocates and veterinarians now has a range of programs in place to aid Mexico’s homeless dog population as well as the dogs in some impoverished areas in the United States. Their programs include rescues, veterinary training, free veterinary wellness clinics, and humane euthanasia.

    This organization has helped rescue and place over 6,000 dogs in their forever homes since its launch. Dogs Without Borders has a variety of amazing pooches that will fit in your family just right. All you have to do is choose your favorite dog in their “adoptable dogs” page and fill out an adoption application. Their adoption coordinator will get back to you to review your application.

    The Best Friends Lifesaving Center is also a great place to adopt your first dog. This organization has been rescuing puppies, dogs, cats, and kittens from LA animal services shelters. Amazingly, you can visit their animal rescue center if you wish to see their dogs and cats as well.

    Based out of the U.K. K-9 Angels works to help dogs in various situations, but they are perhaps best known for their work to help the more than 5,000 street dogs of Romania. Not only do these street dogs struggle to survive in terrible conditions, but they are often subjected to torture by locals. K-9 Angels help to rehome some of the many dogs they help, but in the least, they provide spaying and neutering services, provide for veterinary needs of the dogs, provide food for strays, and do what they can to improve the living conditions in local shelters to accommodate more dogs in better conditions.

    Pacific Pup Rescue is yet another non-profit organization that rescues homeless dogs and cats in Los Angeles. It is a good place to start if you are looking for an adorable furry companion. This organization has one of the best selection of dog breeds you’ll ever get. They have saved up to 429 dogs since their inception, and up to 405 of them have found their forever homes.

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