Need To Get More Exercise? There’s A Dog For That

Need To Get More Exercise? There’s A Dog For That

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We Don’t Have Time To Exercise!”

We hear it all the time: “Get up and get moving,” “Just thirty minutes a day is all it takes,” and “Exercise does the body good.”

We’re constantly bombarded by the media with quotes and imagery and reasons for why we need to incorporate exercise into our daily routines. If you’re anything like us, that’s easier said than done.

What about the laundry and bills? They’re not going to handle themselves…and that book you picked up last week. It’ll never get read. You can’t forget the countless friends and family you made plans with.

We come up with countless excuses for why we “just can’t make time for exercising!” in our already busy schedules. But what if there’s a reason that’s fun, furry, and already exists?

Have A Dog? Then You’re Half Way There!

According to Medical Daily, studies show that having a dog not only increases your chances of walking daily, but also increases the likelihood that you’ll get your entire daily amount of recommended exercise.

“We Love Fetch, But What’s The Catch?”

Okay, okay…so owning a dog isn’t exactly the solution. (We only said you’re half way there!) There are all kinds of factors that play into the “reasons to exercise with my dog” equation.

Another study done this year revealed two crucial parts to this equation.

First, dog owners are more likely to walk their dog if the dog himself is enthusiastic about the activity. Translation: Fido’s favorite activities include napping, eating, and more napping? It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that you won’t be reeling to get out for his daily walk.

Second, our beliefs about dogs, along with their genetic makeup, drastically affects the probability of dog-walking. If you don’t feel attached to your pup, or he isn’t known for being an active breed, you’re going to be much less likely to take him out for a stroll. Alternatively, if you feel that he calms down from exercise, or he’s an active and energetic breed, you’ll be much more likely to take him out.

What Are The Take-Aways?

If you already are active with your dog, that’s fantastic! If you’re both more inclined to be couch potatoes, that’s okay too.

Make time to exercise yourself, and your dog. It is extremely important for his health, as well as your own. The way we see it, it’s a win-win.

(Not to mention that’s added bonding time you get to spend with your four-legged friend)

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