How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Using A Nail Grinder

How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails Using A Nail Grinder

Dog nail trim

Just like human’s, dogs nail grow – and grow and grow – until it’s impossible not to cut them. Some dogs are completely fine with the occasional nail trim while others act like you are trying to harm them.

If your dog is terrified of getting their nails trimmed – especially with a nail grinder – you will have to be patient and teach them that it’s not as bad as it seems. If you teach your dog to associate the nail grinder with something positive – like a treat – they’ll start to learn to love it.

The key is to use really good people food – like chicken, pepperoni, or steak – to get them used to the sound.

As soon as you turn on the nail grinder give them a piece of food. That way, they’ll associate the sound with something pleasant. Once your pup gets used to the sound, you can work with them on actually grinding their nails.

If you’re dog isn’t too fond of paw handling, try doing the same treat process as you did with the nail grinder. The dog will begin associating delicious food with their paws being held.

Once your pup is ready to get their nails done, the first thing to do is provide a comfortable space for your dog to sit or lie down. Always make sure you have treats ready, too.

Then, turn the nail grinder on and ask for your dog’s paw. With a firm but gentle grip on their paw, briefly put the grinder directly on the dog’s nail to grind some of the nail.

Let go of your dog’s paw and praise them for a job well done with a tasty treat.

Then, repeat with the rest of their nails!

It may take a few tries, but once your furry friend associates the nail grinder with positive reinforcement – like treats and praise – they’ll be begging you to trim their nails in no time.

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