Training Your New Puppy or Dog

Training Your New Puppy or Dog

new puppy training

Training your dog is great for your dog and the owner. It will shape their future, and vets will tell dog lovers that a well trained dog is a happy and healthy dog. Sufficient training will shape your dog’s personality and if you want your dog or puppy to be set for life, you should begin training early. Here we list our key behavioral and training tips to get your dog started.

A caveat on our training methods, we believe in positive reinforcement and are providing recommendations using treats as a reward.

Basic Training Commands

There are 4 life-saving commands – sit, stay, come, leave. “Sit and Stay” will teach your dog how to be patient. These commands are required to calm your dog and control their enthusiasm. “Come” is the command to get your dog’s attention and summon them to you. This is very important to stimulate their mind and help them be submissive. “Leave” is the command to temper their bad behavior and is for when they lock on one item. If your dog is able to focus on multiple objects at once then they will develop more cognitive functions.

Learning Their Space Within Your Home

It is essential that every dog has their own chill zone. They should have a space they can maintain and adore. This is usually their bed. Having a place in your home that they can “lair” allows your dog to have consistency. Most dogs will take to this like a duck to water, but some dogs will need to be persuaded. This will occur often when they get a new bed or crate. We recommend that you do a reward for your dog, every time you can coax them to their new spot. Dogs will then naturally develop an affinity for this place.

Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

Dogs react nicely to boundaries, so long as they’ve been clearly outlined. The key to this training method is using your voice. You must be firm. If your dog keeps chewing on your couch, you must be firm with your “NO.” Do not fall for their puppy dog eyes. If your dog climbs on the sofa, then you should firmly get them down but reward them with a treat when they are down so they know being off the sofa is good. The hard part for most owners is that you must be consistent. It is very easy to confuse your dog if you don’t set clear and defined boundaries.

Go Potty

Dogs that are adopted when they are older are generally house broken however that does not mean that they will not have accidents while they try and get used to their new surroundings. The tried and true method of teaching your dog where to go to the bathroom is to walk to the place you desire them to go. When they “go potty” there, you should reward them and compliment them. This is a good time for them to get a treat and if you continually reinforce the behavior, this will provide your dog with structure and create a desired routine.

How to Be Home Alone

Home should not be overly hard if you have managed to train your pup to enjoy their crate or bed. Usually, as you gear up to leave, your dog will approach their crate or bed and will lay down. This isn’t them feeling sad, this is them making themselves feel safe. Puppies are the hardest age to train. They are very needy and look to you as their parent. The best way to train a puppy is to leave for a short time and reward them before you leave and after you return. They must know that you will come back, that is their fear. This a wonderful means to establish trust between your dog and you. They will be more at ease once they start to trust you completely.

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