5 Ways Cuddling Your Dog Can Help Keep Them Healthy

5 Ways Cuddling Your Dog Can Help Keep Them Healthy

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If there’s one thing we can’t resist, it’s cuddling with our dogs. And sure it makes us happier than we’d care to admit, but it’s actually beneficial to your pup as well. Not only is it great for some serious bonding, it also gives you an opportunity to give your dog a “check-up”. Here are five things you can check for while cuddling with your pup.

Check the Paws

Cuddling is a great time to check your pups paws. Check for long or ingrown nails – especially on the dewclaws (if they have them). If you notice your dog’s nails are getting a bit long, make an appointment with the groomer or cut them yourself!

Then the Mouth

Dogs don’t have the best breath in general (except puppy breath!), but if they have seriously bad breath, something may be wrong. Really bad breath can be from an infected tooth or severe allergies that are causing sinus drainage. Contact your veterinarian if your pup is sporting some bad breath during cuddle time.

Watch the Eyes

Most of the time our dog is focused on everything else but us, but a cuddle session is the perfect time to check your pup’s eyes. Check for things like red-rims, Blue Eyes, which can be a sign of allergies. And if you notice any clouding or anything unusual, contact your veterinarian.

Check the Ears

Cuddle time on the couch is a great opportunity to check your dog’s ears – especially if they don’t stick straight up. If they look a little dirty, book a cleaning at the vet or clean them yourself. And if you see anything out of the ordinary, give your vet a call.

Feel for Bumps

While you’re cuddling, pet your pup and be on the lookout for any unusual bumps. This is especially important for longer-haired dogs. You’ll be able to feel for or find any rashes, hot spots, bald patches, or bumps. If you find one, contact your veterinarian.

Who knew that a good cuddle session can be a great opportunity for a health check-up? Keeping these five points in mind is a great way to keep your pup in tip-top shape – and gives you the perfect excuse for cuddling on the couch!

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