Why Steel Buildings Are the Perfect Solution for Animal Shelter Overcrowding

Why Steel Buildings Are the Perfect Solution for Animal Shelter Overcrowding

Animal shelters have an overcrowding problem in the United States, which many shelters have looked for creative ways to solve instead of euthanizing the animals they are brought.

Approximately 6.5 million animals are brought into shelters every year, and only half of them get adopted; about 1.5 million of these animals who do not find homes are euthanized. It is because of this that coming up with a new way to avoid overcrowding in shelters needs to be found. One of the best solutions to animal shelter overcrowding is s teel buildings.

If you are looking to open a new shelter in your area, or you need to expand the shelter you currently own to make room for overcrowding, you likely want a building that is durable and reliable and that can be easily expanded on later on. Steel buildings offer all of these things, plus the buildings are sustainable, fully customizable, and virtually maintenance-free.


A prefabricated steel building from General Steel is much less expensive to build than a building made of traditional materials like wood. It is also better for the environment since it does not require trees, and it is 100 percent recyclable. Steel buildings are also energy efficient, so you will save money on heating and cooling costs to make your shelter the perfect temperature for the animals, no matter the time of year. As a more affordable building option, these can easily be a solution to the overcrowding problem in animal shelters today.

Maintenance Free

Steel buildings are virtually maintenance-free, so you will save a fortune on building maintenance over the lifetime of the building. In addition, since steel is not an organic material, it cannot warp or rot like wood can, mold and fungus cannot grow on it, and it is immune to the bugs and vermin that can get into a wooden structure.

A steel building will not shift and loosen over time like a wooden building will either, so your shelter will stay sturdy for decades.


If you find the need to expand your animal shelter in the future, steel buildings are easy to add onto, attaching right onto the end of the existing building.


You can completely customize your s teel animal shelter, so you can give the building large play areas, boarding pens, grooming areas, veterinary areas, offices, waiting rooms, and anything else your building needs. Plus, you can get up to 300 feet of open, column-free space, so there will not be columns taking up precious space that could be better spent on more important parts of the building.


With an affordable and sustainable option available for animal shelters, you can open a

high-quality building for the animals that will last for decades and give the animals a comfortable place to await adoption. In addition, since they are easy to expand, if you find your shelter running out of space too frequently, you can affordably add onto the existing structure; the only limit is your lot size!

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