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How to Train Your Dog The Most Important Command

When it comes to training dogs, there are tons of commands and tricks to teach him or her, but there is one command in particular that can end up saving your pup’s life:  COME.

Let’s say you’re on a walk or in the park with your furry best friend by your side, then he gets distracted by something that gets tossed out a passerby car window; he goes to run for the object amidst heavy traffic. This is one of many times when ‘COME’ will be crucial for your dog to know.

If you want to take the extra step to make sure your dog is safe and stays out of harm’s way, ‘COME’ is a good place to start.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Make sure your dog is on a leash.

2. Hold onto your end of the leash and tell your dog “come” once, and walk backwards. You should walk fairly quickly.

3. Continue to move in that direction until your dog finally reaches you.

4. Once your dog gets to you, you excitedly praise your dog for correctly coming.

5. Give him a treat for correctly coming.

6. Repeat, and eventually lose the leash once the action is naturally done, and you’re confident in his understanding of the command.

And don’t forget–practice makes perfect!

Curing Behaviour Problems In High Energy Dogs

Dog behavior expert Caesar Milan is fond of saying “Every dog needs a job.” Many disagree with Cesar’s methods, but it’s tough to argue with this philosophy.

The reality is, your dog was bred to perform a task. Even mixed breeds have the need to “work.” Many undesirable behaviours: digging, howling, excessive barking, etc. can be attributed to your dog’s need to do its job going unfulfilled.

Your Beagle howls when it spots a rabbit because it has a hard-wired. They need to alert the pack, and the hunter, that it’s found game.

Your Australian Shepard nips at the kids feet when they run because it has a need to herd.

Your small, mixed breed dog suffers from explosive barking fits every time someone walks by your home. This is because it’s job is to alert you that there is a threat approaching.

Exercise Helps Control Dog Behaviour

If you’re losing your mind with your dog’s behavior issues, first know that they are all fixable.

The good news is that walking your dogs will solve a lot of issues. All dogs, regardless of breed, have a need to walk. This is their need for moving forward in search of food and shelter. When you deny a dog this simple task, it can cause a buildup of mental and physical energy and this leads to destructive behaviors.

Two, finding breed-specific tasks is a great way for your dog to realize it’s need to work.

If you have a mixed breed, finding out things she likes to do will not be hard.

Start with Basic Behavior Training

What kind of dog do you have?

Not surprisingly, Labs will enjoy retrieving a ball, stick, or Frisbee and bringing it back to you. You don’t need to duck hunt because your dog is hyperactive. But, finding a way for them to replicate soft-mouth carrying an object to you is an excellent way for them to feel fulfilled mentally and physically.

Playing scent-related hide-and-seek games can be a great way for nose-dominate dogs like hounds (and all dogs, really) to perform work tasks. Hide an object they’re familiar with in your home or yard. Walk them through the finding and retrieval process. Repeat and reward.

No matter what breed you have, toys like Kong that allow you to hide treats or food inside of the toy, leaving your dog to use its brain to figure out the puzzle will help with their mental health and cut down on destructive behaviors.

Swimming, if your dog like water, is an excellent way for your dog to exercise mentally and physically.

Agility training is great for herding breeds, sporting breeds, and small dogs that love to run around. You don’t have to turn your yard into the World Breed Championships. Just a simple obstacle course will be like Disney for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

We love our dogs, but even we have to admit, sometimes they can be pretty disgusting. Drinking from the toilet, dining in the trash, licking their rears… some of their habits really have us asking “why” with a look of repulsion. However, there is nothing to make us cringe and ask “WHY” more than when we see our dear dog…eat their own poop.

No, they’re not hungry, and no it isn’t to gross us out–the reasons why dogs may eat their own poop is both psychological and and behavioral. One reason dog’s eat their own poop may be sheer instinctive. In other words, back before we took them in our comfortable homes, dogs were often scavengers and ate food where it was found, poop included.

A second reason dog’s often dine with their own dung can be due to psychological problems such as anxiety, isolation or they’re seeking attention.

If you think your dog is alone in this habit, you’re wrong. In fact, a 2012 study showed that 16% of dogs are serious “stool eaters” while 24% are more casual.

If your dog is a dung diner, speak to their vet regarding correction methods such as: vitamin supplementation, taste-aversion products, training, etc.

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