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Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

Does your cat love playing hide and seek in empty boxes?

Do you buy her expensive toys only to find her innately more interested in an empty Amazon box?

Scientists Explain Why Cats Like Boxes

If you are worried that your cat’s obsession with empty boxes is unhealthy, don’t worry. It’s completely normal. 

Cats are predators. In the wild, they are excellent hunters. Unlike dogs who can both hunt and scavenge, cats rely on their hunting skills. 

One theory is that because of this hunting instinct, cats are attracted to boxes because it gives them a great place to hide. They are hidden but can still sense prey. 

Your indoor cat probably hasn’t hunted anything real in it’s life. But, the need to hunt is still in their DNA. Hunting can become chasing a ray of light, batting around a toy mouse, or playing with string. 

Boxes offer them a great vantage point. It also encloses them, making them feel protected. 

Ideal Napping Spots

Other than hunting, cats are born sleepers. 

Your cat probably loves nothing more than taking a long nap in a safe area. For many, that can be under the bed or in a closet. But, for many cats, boxes offer them the ideal nap area. They’re enclosed, warm, and invisible to predators. 

Time Out

In times of stress, your cat might seek out a box for some temporary relief. Loud noises, guests, a new puppy, and the vacuum can all send your cat to seek shelter. Boxes keep the bad things out of view, while helping them hide in a warm spot. 

Ah, Leave Me Alone!

Ever had your cat freak out mid-petting and dart off into hiding? Cats don’t react well to stress. Even in seemingly calm situations, they can get spooked. 

They will head for safety in an instant. 

Because boxes provide the ultimate safety, they’re a cat’s first choice. They feel invisible, and the walls provide a nice layer of protection. 

Keep Them Safe

Box living is fine, as long as they don’t get out of your house and decide to hide in the wrong box. Because cats are knowing to get themselves lost in boxes destined for the dump truck, it’s important to keep track of them carefully.

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