5 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Cat

5 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Cat

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Senior Cats are one of the least appealing pets available for adoption. Most people will choose a dog or else a cute kitten. Senior cats are in desperate need of adoption.

  1. Avoid the Kitten Crazies

Yes, kittens are cute. Endless Youtube channels and social media memes have profited from this fact. But, that cuteness comes at a cost.

They have ceaseless energy.

Kittens make messes, they get into dangerous situations while you’re away, and they can wreak havoc, especially if they are paired with other kittens.

If you are in an apartment, don’t have a lot of time to devote to training (as much as you can train a kitten), or you are past the stage in life where you want to be jolted awake at 3am by the shattering of your coffee mugs and fine china, you should consider a senior cat.

  1. You Know a Senior’s Temperament

With dogs, we can usually tell their personality in puppy hood. Sure, they mellow a bit with age, but there aren’t drastic behavioral changes.

Not so with our feline friends.

Cats can undergo dramatic changes in personality from kitten-hood to their adult years.

If you have small children, it is helpful to know if that playful, cute kitten will grow up to not be a “people person,” or worse yet, be bad with children and their sometimes overly-rough-in-a-living-way ways.

With a senior, what you see is what you get. You can actually select a cat companion that matches your personality and lifestyle, with little chance for surprise.

  1. Senior Cats Are Easier to Train

Adult cats have a much longer attention span than kittens. They also have more impulse control and less manic energy. This makes them easier to train, which makes your life easier.

  1. No Home Alone Woes

Senior and adult cats are less apt to get into trouble when left home alone. They are self-sufficient, and are not likely to give in to the dangerous mix of boredom and kitten-energy bursts. This means you can be sure you won’t come home to clawed couches, and your kitchen counter will not be left in disarray.

  1. You Save Their Lives

Like senior dogs, senior cats have little chance of getting out of shelters when they are surrenders by their owners, or picked up off the street. In fact, they have less of a chance because most “shelters” give dogs a longer stay of execution than they do cats.

By adopting an adult or senior cat, you are saving their lives, and helping the next homeless cat in line find a safe place by freeing up space in the shelter or rescue group.

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