Retirement Farm For Senior Dogs

Retirement Farm For Senior Dogs

Retirement Dog

An Upstate NY Farm Acts as Retirement Community for Senior and Forgotten Dogs

Unfortunately, every year thousands of dogs are abandoned, forgotten, or given to kill shelters. Stray dogs often end up at “the pound” never to be seen again. Senior dogs are hit hard because they are tougher to adopt out. Most people want to buy puppies. 

As anyone involved in rescue knows, seniors have a lot of love and life left in them. 

Luckily, for forgotten senior dogs in the NY area, there is now a wonderful place to call home. 

Silver Streak Kennels Retirement Farm

Silver Streak calls itself a “country retirement home.” It specializes in housing senior dogs that were surrendered by owners, given away, or ended up in shelters. 

Instead of sleeping in a cold, concrete kennel, seniors are free to play on the vast farmland. They are given him cooked meals and vet care. 

Silver Streak is seen as a last resort for many of these seniors. 

Their room and board does come with a cost. Many dogs are sponsored. Others were placed their by families that could no longer take care of them. 

Caring for a Senior Dog In Your Home

It is fortunate for many seniors that places like Silver Streak exist.

But, the better option is to care for your senior in your own home. 

Consider rescuing or fostering a senior dog. You will literally be saving their lives. 

Myths About Senior Dog Adoptions and Care

Many people seek out a puppy when considering a dog. There has been an un-killable belief that:

  • Senior dogs are hard to train
  • Puppies are better behaved because you train them from day one
  • You are inheriting “someone else’s problem”

The reality is that seniors can be trained just as easily as a puppy. In fact, seniors are often easier to train because they have a longer attention span. Because of their life experience, they’ll often pick up new tricks and training much more quickly than puppies. 

Puppies don’t show their true personality until adulthood. Your happy puppy could turn out to be a dominant, stubborn adult. With seniors, you know who they are when you adopt. 

Seniors (and rescues of all ages) are not someone else’s problem.  Many were given up because they lost their youth, were too much work, or the family simply lost interest in them. 

The reality is that adopting or fostering a senior can save their lives. Seniors are active, love to walk with you, and will play. And, the best part is that when play time is over, they’ll happily crash on the couch with you for marathon Netflix binges. 

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