Pets Throughout History: Bud the First Dog to Cross America

Pets Throughout History: Bud the First Dog to Cross America

Only one look at Bud Nelson is sufficient to tell you that he was the biggest dog who ever lived.

He is an old-timey dog if he had not existed, wearing glasses in scratchy monochrome photograph, he’d have been dreamed up as a cast member of Mad Max. The human in the picture is Bud Nelson’s owner, a physician called Horatio Nelson.

Horatio was the first guy to cross America by automobile in the year 1903, with his hilariously called co-motorist Sewall K. Crocker and, of course, Bud the Bulldog. Bud was made the first dog to cross the United States by automobile.

At that time, the car was still in its infancy, and therefore driving was not neither dangerous nor interesting. The automobile was a roofless monstrosity with little to no suspension to shield them from the roads that are largely unpaved, while belching out noxious smoke and it’d have made lots of noise.

But Bud Nelson was not more cowardly around the matter than some folks would have now been back then. He sat there looking only as joyful as he does in the picture, all the way through the continent of North America and was offered the goggles to shield his eyes.

The life of the full dog seemingly lived after the cross country excursion, content to safeguard the Jackson home in Vermont and take brief car trips with his master around Burlington.

Following the departure of Bud, the Jacksons constantly kept a minimum of one dog in their home, though none ever became as recognized as the begoggled bull pup who’d crossed the continent.

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