Big Dog Carries Little Friend

Big Dog Carries Little Friend

New Dog

Blizzard, a huge St. Bernard, took a liking to his little sister right off the bat. Now, the big dog carries his little friend everywhere they go. 

Big Dog with Little Dog

Lulu, a Shi Tzu mix, came into the family as a puppy.

She immediately bonded to Blizzard, following him everywhere. She saw him as a source of protection. 

And comfort. 

Not long after the two met, Lulu began climbing on top of the Saint Bernard to sleep. 

Let Me Carry You 

Not long after she began sleeping on his back, Lulu got the unexpected bonus of getting a ride – everywhere. 

Blizzard walks with Lulu perched on his extra-wide back. She gets a birds-eye view of the world while they walk down the country roads surrounding their home, go sightseeing in the town, take hikes, or simply watch tv together. 

Dog Carry Little sister

Anytime LuLu is separated from Blizzard, she demands to climb back on her big brother’s back.

Why Do Some Dogs Bond So Strongly?

If you live in a multi-dog home, or have tried to encourage your pup to make friends, you know it’s not always a slam-dunk. 

Sometimes two dogs just don’t get along, no matter what. 

Others act like old friends from the minute they meet. 

In the case of Lulu and Blizzard, it was love at first sight. These two share an exceptional bond. With Blizzard allowing her onto his physical space, it shows a great deal of comfort with her. 

What causes this close bonding?

Energy Matters

Dog behavior expert Cesar Milan teaches a lot about your dog’s ability to read energy. According to him, they read our energy (emotions, chemical signals, etc). This is why some dogs like us more than others.

Dogs Playing In Field

And, why your dog knows when you’re sad, happy, or angry.

The same seems to be true for dogs. 

Have you ever met someone new, or been introduced to someone in a group of people, and you knew immediately that you disliked that person? You have nothing to base your judgement on but “gut feeling.”

Humans are not very in tune with what our gut is telling us. In that situation, we are reading that persons energy, or having a bad chemical reaction to them. 

Your dog does this on a much higher level with both people and other dogs. 

Don’t Let Your Dog Wander Into Unsafe Territory

One of the worst things that can happen is your dog slips out of your yard and winds up around unfriendly dogs. Make sure you know where they are at all times. 

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