6 Tail-Wagging Signs of a Happy Dog

6 Tail-Wagging Signs of a Happy Dog

Are you aware that 7 out of 10 households in America own at least one pet?

Dogs have always been many people’s first choice when it comes to pets because they’re so cuddly, playful, and adorable. While dogs can give you a lot of joy, you also owe it to them to make their lives are fulfilling as possible.

Have you ever wondered, “Is my dog happy?” Keep reading this article so you can learn the top 6 signs of a happy dog.

1. Relaxed Ears

If you’re asking yourself, “Is my dog anxious?” then the key is to look at their ears. Happy dogs will have relaxed and floppy ears. If they’re worried, then their ears will perk up to detect danger.

2. A Wagging Tail

Another cue that you have a happy dog is that they wag their tail often. Wagging is a way that dogs get their excitement out and encourage their owners to keep giving them attention. The only time that tail wagging may be a bad sign is when their wag is slow and low to the ground.

3. An Exposed Belly

Your dog’s belly is one of their most vulnerable parts, so you know that they trust you when they lie down and expose it to you. Rubbing your dog’s belly is a special way you can bond and make your pup feel good. Dogs who feel like they need to be on guard will stand tall.

4. A Healthy Appetite

Lots of dog owners wonder, “Is my dog in pain?” Food is crucial for dog quality of life, so you can tell that something is wrong when they avoid eating. If your dog that normally loves to beg for extra treats starts skipping meals, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with their vet right away.

5. A Gentle Gaze

Nobody can resist the allure of big puppy eyes. You can rest assured when your dog looks around with a gentle gaze since they’re relaxed. You may also notice that your dog squints a little when they pant softly, which is another sign that they’re loving life.

6. Restful Sleep

One of the lesser-known signs of a stressed dog is that they’re unable to get restful sleep. They may kick around while they sleep or get up to spin or find a whole new spot to rest. Dogs that are content will be able to curl up anywhere and have a peaceful snooze.

These Are the Top Signs of a Happy Dog

Learning about the most common signs of a happy dog can help you stay in tune with your pet. Now that you know how to tell when your dog is content, you can do everything you can to ensure that they get the most out of each day.

Taking care of pets may be rewarding, but it can also be hard work. If you’d like to stay on top of the latest pet news, our website is here to guide you. Read more of our articles.

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