4 Very Real Ways Your Dog Is Making You Healthier

4 Very Real Ways Your Dog Is Making You Healthier

dogs make us healthier

It’s no secret dogs makes us happy. The joy they bring into our lives is incomparable. And now, some scientists think dogs can actually make us healthier, too. Here are four ways our pups are helping our health.

They Boost our Immunity

If you have a dog that loves to give kisses, you may not want to push them away. Studies have shown that dogs can help boost our immune system by spreading microorganisms through our environment. Humans and dogs actually carry many of the same bacteria, so the additional exposure helps us fight off infections.

And for those who worry about allergies, some studies have shown that children who share their homes with dogs are less likely to develop asthma and allergies over the years. They are also less likely to develop the skin condition eczema.

They Help our Hearts

Many heart conditions can actually be improved through owning a dog. Pup owners tend to have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. People who have dogs are also less likely to suffer from heart attacks. Not only are they less likely to suffer from heart attacks, they are more likely to survive one.

They Improve our Mental Health

Studies have shown that being around pets causes our brain to release oxytocin, also known as the “feel good hormone.” Pup owners are less likely to have a high production of cortisol, the hormone that is linked to higher stress levels.

Pet owners are also known to have lower levels of anxiety and depression. They are also known to have a higher self-esteem and calmer nerves.

They Get Us to Exercise

One on the greatest benefits of owning a dog is their ability to make exercise fun. Thanks to walks and games of fetch in the backyard, dog owners are 50% more likely to get their recommended 30 minutes of daily physical exercise.

If this doesn’t make you want to run out and add a dog to your life – if you don’t already have one – we aren’t sure what will. And if you already share your home with a pup, perhaps it’s time to add another. The more dogs you have the healthier you are – right?

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