What To Do If Your Dog Ate Something They Shouldn’t Have

What To Do If Your Dog Ate Something They Shouldn’t Have

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We all know dogs will eat almost anything they can get their paws on. Whether it’s dropped food on the ground or your dinner. Most of the time it’s no cause for concern, but what about when your dog ate something they shouldn’t have? Here’s what you should do if that happens.

How to Tell if They Ate Something Toxic or Foreign

One way to tell if your dog ate something they shouldn’t have is by observing their symptoms. If they are showing signs of vomiting (beginning as food and ending in water) or gagging, a painful abdomen, fatigue, diarrhea or constipation – contact your veterinarian immediately. Other symptoms include a lack of appetite and changes in normal behavior.

Immediately Bring them to the Vet

If your dog ingested something foreign and you’re unable to contact your veterinarian, take them to a 24-hour emergency animal clinic. One mistake some owners make is they wait to see if the object passes on its own, according to Dr. Shari Brown. Dr. Brown advises against trying to induce vomiting yourself without a veterinarian’s okay since some foreign objects cause more harm coming back out.


If the vet believes your dog ate something they shouldn’t have, they will most likely recommend X-rays as this will help them assess the severity of the situation and determine treatment options. However, some veterinarian’s may be able to help the object pass by inducing vomiting.

In a more severe situation, an endoscopy may be required. With this scenario, the vet will guide a long tube down your pup’s throat and remove the object from their stomach.

If the object has made its way to the dog’s intestines, surgery may be required. Once the object is in the intestine, there is a greater risk for complications because some parts of the intestines may have to be removed.


The best way to avoid a trip to the emergency animal clinic is by preventing your dog from ingesting a foreign object in the first place! One way to do this is to keep any potentially harmful objects or foods out of reach. Whether it’s baby-locking the cabinets, closing off certain rooms of the house, or keeping objects off the counter.

And, if your dog has a habit of chewing and swallowing the stuffing or squeakers in their toys, keep them out of the house!

So if your dog is a lover of all food and toys, make sure to take preventative measures to avoid an emergency trip to the vet!

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