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8 Giant Dog Breeds That Might Be Bigger Than You

It’s not often you see a giant dog walking down the street. But when you do, they’re impossible to miss. These gentle giants are so large – they may even be bigger than you! Here are 8 of the world’s largest dog breeds.

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breed and were originally bred to hunt wolves. They have since evolved into a quite gentle dog. Irish Wolfhound’s are true gentle giants that love nothing more than to be with their family. Their average weight is between 115-180 pounds!



This lion-like dog was named after where they originated from and has an average weight of around 120-180 pounds. With enough attention, exercise, and space, the Leonberger makes an amazing family companion. Plus their deep bark makes for a great watchdog.

Great Dane


Next to the Irish Wolfhound, the Great Dane is among the tallest dog breeds. They were originally known as the German Mastiff and bred to be a guard dog. But today, they prefer to chill out on the couch – if they can fit! Despite their large size, they are one of the best-natured breeds and great around children.

Saint Bernard


The Saint Bernard was originally bred as an avalanche rescue and guard dog in Switzerland. Their peaceful and serene temperament helped calm the people they rescued. Today, the Saint Bernard remains a calm and gentle breed weighing in at 140-265 pounds!



Newfoundland’s are a hardworking breed that were originally bred to help pull nets and haul wood for fisherman. Today, they remain hardworking but are also sweet-natured and gentle. They can weight up to 150 pounds and make wonderful family companions.


Bullmastiff’s may have an intimidating appearance, but they are actually giant softies who love to hang out with their family. They weigh around 100-130 pounds and will make a great watchdog thanks to their size and looks.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the cousin of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Like their cousin, they make wonderful family companions. Greater Swiss Bernese Mountain Dogs are a gentle breed and get their size from their original job as farm dogs. They can weigh anywhere from 100-155 pounds.

Great Pyrenees


A true protector, the Great Pyrenees makes a great family companion and watchdog. They have a gentle disposition and absolutely adore their family. A Great Pyrenees tend to weight between 85-160 pounds.

If you’re looking to add a giant dog to your family, consider one of these eight breeds. Though their size and weight may be intimidating, they are actually big softies just looking for a family to love.

5 Best Dog Breeds For Apartment Renters

Space the final frontier, or the lack of space. I lived in a 600 square foot apartment for 5 years. They are 5 of only 8 years of my entire life that I didn’t have a dog. I’ve always had Golden Retrievers as an FYI. I always thought that you needed to have a ton of space to have a dog in an apartment but there are many dog breeds that thrive in apartments.

In fact, all dogs can become used to apartments, if you are able to give them the exercise they need and crave. We at Nuzzle do however think it is a little easier for some dogs to become used to the smaller space. These are our Top 5 dog breeds for apartment renters.

5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Renters

  1. Shih Tzu

Shih tzus are one of the best dogs for apartment living, even in very small apartments.

Their tiny body size and sweet temperament make them ideal apartment dwellers.

They are friendly, so this makes them one of the least yappy of the small breeds, a huge issue if you have neighbors that complain about barking.

Shih tzus do need a lot of maintenance for their hair, but other than that, they’re typically happy with one long walk per day.

  1. Great Dane

A dog that huge in an apartment?


Great Danes are huge, powerful dogs, but they are true gentle giants. The breed is protective, but friendly. And, because they seem to be aware of their size, they only bark when necessary.

Great Danes are easily trained, and love a good walk, but don’t need an inordinate amount of exercise. This makes them a great apartment companion.

Note: if you have a very small apartment, the Great Dane is a bad option. Their size (100 – 140+lbs) requires that they have enough space to spread out a bit, and close-quarters living is not for them. But, if you have an average or large place, the Great Dane will thrive.

  1. Greyhound

Another big dog on the list.

Though they’re known for racing, most greyhounds just need a long walk and a place to lay down.

IF you adopt an adult or senior Greyhound, especially one rescued from a dog track, they’ll be thrilled to sprawl out on your couch, living the good life.

And, the best news for apartment living: Greyhounds are not big on barking.

Laid Back Dog Breeds

  1. Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are much more laid back than their Beagle cousins. Their larger size (they can be 70+lbs, though they’re not very tall), and work-only-when-necessary temperament slows them down and makes them great apartment dogs.

The Basset Hound does need a solid walk every day, not only for mental health, but because this breed can become very over-weight if you’re not careful.

But, if you’re looking for a Netflix-binge partner, look no further than the laziest of all hounds.

  1. Pug

The tiny pug seems made for apartment living. They’re small, loyal, and not yappy. The pug is known to be extremely loyal, and may follow you around your apartment constantly.

They can live in even the smallest of apartments, comfortably.

As with all breeds, the pug appreciates a daily walk, but is going to be thrilled when you get home and head for the couch.

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