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"Tragic Accident Leaves Woman In Wheelchair, Until A Three-Legged Dog Helps Her Learn To Walk Again"


It’s been said that when you rescue a dog, you aren’t just saving them – they’re also saving you. For Tracy, that couldn’t be more true. After a tragic accident left her in a wheelchair, she rescued a three-legged dog no one else wanted – and it ultimately saved her.

Tracy was involved in a horrific horseriding accident. After she fell to the ground, she noticed she could no longer feel her legs. Tracy shattered her pelvis on both side and also broke her sacrum. Due to her injuries, she was wheelchair bound for months.


“It was really humbling. I had to completely learn how to walk again. Before the accident, my husband and I had a plan to get a house and get a dog, and hopefully, start a family. Everything basically got put on hold. I felt like the world was literally passing by as I looked through the window,” she said.

But Tracy soon realized left is too short. So, she decided to get a dog. But not just any dog – one that no one else wanted. Her and her husband took a trip to their local animal shelter and met Jack.

They immediately fell in love with him.

Jack only has three legs and one eye. He had been in a horrible car accident and a concerned bystander immediately rushed him to the vet to save his life. The duo instantly knew that Jack was meant to be their dog.


And since Jack needs daily walks, Tracy finally had the motivation – and a reason – to go outside. Every day Tracy and the three-legged pup would walk a little farther and a little faster. Even Jack made improvements. After all, walking on three legs with just one eye isn’t that easy!

After just a couple weeks, the pair even started running again.

Tracy quickly realized that Jack saved her just as much as she saved him. She no longer needs her wheelchair – or any other support – to walk normally. And Jacks happy-go-lucky personality certainly helps keep her spirits up.

It’s safe to say these two are the perfect match.


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