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"Three-Legged Dog Given Cartoon Limb Thanks To His Artistic Owner"


There’s something special about a three-legged dog. Despite not being able to run and play on all four legs, they don’t let that slow them down. They are still happy pups with amazing personalities. And Bradley is no different.

Bradley is a half-pug, half-beagle mix and he lives with Charley DeRochers and his girlfriend Marianne Smith. What’s special about Bradley is not that he has three-legs, it’s that he has his own Instagram account where DeRochers documents his adventures with his very own cartoon paw.

That’s right, thanks to some serious imagination and Photoshop, Bradley gets to sport his very own cartoon arm.

“He’s such an awesome cute little dog and he’s great at taking photos. I just wanted to see if I could do something creative with him,” DeRochers said.

Bradley was adopted by DeRochers and Smith after DeRochers got into a car accident. He was riding his bike without a helmet when he was hit.


The accident caused him to have serious post-concussion symptoms like depression and mood swings.

It didn’t help that DeRochers girlfriend had a work schedule that made her work evenings, leaving him by himself at home.

“I’d just be alone with my own thoughts – it was really rough. I kind of needed a buddy to hang out with. After a week of mood swings and random crying, I was just like, ‘Honey, we’re getting a dog. We’re getting a dog now,’” he said.

So, the duo visited with a few dogs being fostered and when they met Bradley, it was love at first sight. They decided right then and there they were going to adopt him.

Not only was Bradley the perfect dog for them, he had also been recently a hit by a car, leaving his front legs limp and paralyzed. After a consultation from the shelter where they adopted him from, they decided to amputate his leg.


Unsurprisingly, Bradley bounced back quickly and even helped DeRocher heal from his accident. DeRocher was afraid to drive for months but after Bradley on frequent walks, he got readjusted to being around cars. Bradley was also a great distraction for DeRocher’s post-concussion blues.

Bradley and DeRocher’s story is amazing just as it is inspiring. The duo proves that love – and a little Photoshop – heals all.

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