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Theodore Needs Your Help To Find A Home

All dogs want a loving family and a home of their own. Unfortunately, Theodore doesn’t even know what a home or family is.

Theodore 5

Theodore has spent so much of his life in a shelter, so he believes that normal life. He thinks it is his home.

You see Theodore is 4 years old and he has spent more than 2 and a half years in the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Long Island. When he didn’t live in the shelter he was walking the streets as a stray dog. While Hempstead Town Animal Shelter is doing all they can to help dogs, they need help. They are still trying to place more than 120 dogs to new forever homes.

The dogs all have different personalities and like all dogs in shelters, they get so excited when a person comes near them. They are hoping this is their rescuer and new owner. The truly sad part is that Theodore doesn’t – he just sits there patiently, like he has given up hope.

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It is so heartbreaking as he is the sweetest dog. Volunteers at the shelter have positioned him as the leader among the pack. He is so sweet and tender that he is the dog that accompanies the scared dogs. He takes them out when they don’t want to go out for a walk. He shows them the ropes, instructing them they are going to be fine.

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Theodore was adopted once, less than a year ago. Sadly, he was returned within 24 hours. He wasn’t able to adjust to a family and a home. He sat there guarding the door and was disengaged. That was not his fault, it takes dogs weeks to adjust to new surroundings. All he had known was the shelter and being the pup to watch the door for the others. He was a lost and scared dog and the pressure of the day was too much for him.

Hope For Theodore

Unfortunately, he is no longer up for adoption and he needs to receive special care so that he can find the perfect home. The people at Hempstead Town Animal Shelter have decided to try and raise money so that he can go to the Forever Home Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. This is a facility in Virginia where he’ll have a round the clock training with specialists known for rescuing misunderstood dogs and putting them in homes that are an excellent fit. The loving rescue workers are working to raise $7000 to help send Theodore and his friend Newton to join the program.

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Friends and volunteers of both dogs are half-way to getting both dogs to this fantastic opportunity. They are sure that with the appropriate training, Theodore could be a great friend to an owner. When he gets comfortable with someone, he feels safe enough to let out his goofy side.

Theodore 1

Theodore and Newton

No dog deserves to go through life believing their only safe place is to be is behind bars. Every dog deserves to know exactly what it is to sleep in a bed, have a human to trust, and toys of his own. Newton and Theodore deserve the chance to be trained to have a forever home. the deserve to be loved and we can help make that happen.

If you can donate even a little bit then please click here to see Theodore’s GoFundMe account.

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