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Heroic German Shepherd Saves Girl From Snake

What a fantastic story about Haus, the heroic German Shepherd, who saved a 7 year-old girl from a rattlesnake attack. This super loving family dog, received 3 rattlesnake bites while saving his 7 year old “sister” from the snake. For risking his life and being a hero, he has obtained the Heroic Dog Award.

Haus, the Heroic German Shepherd Awarded

Heroic German Shepherd Heroic German Shepherd

Last week, Haus had been fighting for his life because of the bites. However, thanks to well-wishers, he is currently at home with his family continuing his recovery. After receiving round the clock care for the rattlesnake bites, Haus was released from the animal hospital Thursday. He was bitten a week ago in the backyard of the family, after throwing himself between the snake and 7 year old Molly DeLuca.
Heroic German Shepherd
As Haus made his recovery, donations poured in to help him. People raised  more than $50,000 via a GoFundMe page put up to cover his medical costs. Thanks to all who helped saved his life, and thanks to Haus, the hero.


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