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13 Dog Breeds That Require The Least Amount Of Exercise

Most dogs are known for their high energy or affinity for long walks. Some breeds, however, don’t fit into that mold. Introducing the 13 dog breeds that require the least amount of exercise.


Probably the most well-known less-active breed is the Bulldog. Though athletic, the Bulldog is notorious for wanting no part in long walks or exercises. Their spot is on the couch and they’re perfectly happy there.

Chow Chow

No need for long hikes or walks for this breed. The Chow Chow is perfectly fine just hanging out with their humans all day.

French Bulldog

Similar to their counterpart the Bulldog, the French Bulldog doesn’t require a lot of exercise. While they love to play, they’d prefer to chill out with you on the couch.

Chinese Crested

This hairless breed may be more work to take care of than other breeds thanks to its non-existent coat, but they actually have quite a low need for exercise. Chinese Crested’s are also loving and friendly companions.


You may be fooled by the Bullmastiff’s size, but this breed is calm-natured and doesn’t require a ton of exercise. They were, however, bred to be guard dogs so they are constantly alert.

Bichon Frise

A daily walk is all this breed needs. The Bichon Frise would rather hang out with their humans anyway.

Miniature Pinscher

This small, adorable breed does not require a lot of exercise and is the perfect family companion – especially those who prefer nights in over nights out.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu’s, though playful and alert, were bred as companion dogs. So it’s in their nature to be around their humans at all times.


Pomeranian’s weren’t always as small as they are today. In fact, they were bred to be smaller so they can fit in their owner’s laps. And now, they prefer to hang out with their human’s than play around outside.

Japanese Chin

Actually hailing from China, the Japanese Chin is a pint-sized breed with a playful personality. However, they don’t require much exercise and prefer to chill out with their owners.

Chinese Shar Pei

This wrinkly-faced breed prefers lounging to running and will be a great pup for Sunday’s spent on the couch.

Sussex Spaniel

Although they were originally bred as hunting dogs, the Sussex Spaniel has strayed away from their former responsibilities and is now known as a slow-paced dog that loves to lounge around all day.

Irish Wolfhound

Despite their size, the Irish Wolfhound doesn’t require a ton of exercise. They were originally bred as war dogs, but today they are family companions that enjoy just hanging out with their humans.

Meet Cullen And Romulus, The World’s First Set Of Puppy Identical Twins

We all know puppies are adorable. It’s hard to resist those fluffy coats and unbelievably cute faces. But, have you ever looked at two puppies and thought to yourself, “Wow, they look exactly alike?” Your eyes may no longer be deceiving you. For the first time in history, two puppies were born identical twins.

The Irish Wolfhound twins were delivered via C-section with their five litter mates by Kurt de Cramer of Rant en Dal Animal Hospital in South Africa. The two puppies were attached by their umbilical cords to the same placenta – not a common occurrence during the procedure. The twins, named Cullen and Romulus, had some slight differences in their white markings but blood tests confirmed that they were, in fact, identical twins.

Why the slight difference in markings? Though the twins share the same set of genes, each gene will be influenced by indirect environmental cues, changing how each gene is expressed. So, like human identical twins, Cullen and Romulus won’t look exactly alike.

Although it is not impossible, identical twins are very rare for non-human species.

Many people have suspected that domestic dogs could be identical twins, but Cullen and Romulus were the first confirmed case. There could certainly be undocumented cases of non-human identical twins, especially since scientists have only genetically tested a small sample of wild and domestic animals. The rarity could also be because two organisms living in the same placenta don’t receive the same amount of nourishment. In the wild, that could mean only one animal survives.

Although Cullen and Romulus were born slightly smaller and lighter than their siblings, the now twelve-week-old pups are thriving and enjoying life with the rest of the pack.

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