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How To Deal With Bullies At The Dog Park; The Dogs And Their Humans

Whether they are on two or four legs, no one likes a bully. And while bullies aren’t everywhere, they can definitely pop up in certain places – the dog park being one of them. So how do you deal with bullies – both dogs and humans – at the dog park? Here’s your guide.

Pay Attention

Most dogs love the dog park. Getting to run around with their furry friends and release some energy keeps them happy and healthy. But not every dog – or owner – feels the same way. One way to keep an eye on potential bullies is to pay attention.

While some pup parents like to kick back and relax at the dog park, that’s not necessarily the smartest thing to do. Watch how the dogs are interacting with each other and how the owners are responding to their dogs, including those that aren’t being watched closely. Being on alert will help you react quickly if you notice any bullying happening.


One of the best ways to avoid a dog park bully is to leave. If a dog isn’t being handled properly by their owner, the best scenario may be to leave.


No, we don’t mean move out of the city or state, we’re talking about moving around the dog park. If you have more than one dog or there are a group of dogs playing nicely with your own pup, keep their attention on you by walking around or playing with them. This will provide a distraction from a bully.

Make Sure There is Space

A good way to avoid dealing with bullies is by going to a large dog park. In a smaller park, there is not enough space to move away from the bully, which can result in an altercation. In a larger park, you’ll be able to remove your dog from the situation by isolating them.

Don’t Engage with Bully Parents

While dogs can certainly be more energetic and bully-like than others, most of the time it’s the dogs’ owners you need to watch out for. If you notice a dog owner bully, the best thing to do is simply not engage. It may be hard to hold back – especially if they’ll yelling at your dog – but engaging could lead to more serious problems. So, it’s best to just let them be and head home.

Know When Your Dog is the Bully

Some dogs are just not meant for the dog park. No matter how desperately you want your dog to be a dog park lover, it may never happen. So if you do take them and they end up being the bully, apologize and stick to long walks or hikes instead.


Dog parks can be a wonderful experience for both you and your pup. But not every pup loves them. Use these tips to help you deal with dog park bullies – both in human and dog form.

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