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"Stolen German Shepherd That Helped Her Owner Overcome PTSD Finally Reunited With Family"

Stolen German Shepherd

The Stolen German Shepherd

PJ, a loving dog who was instrumental in helping her owner, and Iraq War vet recover from PTSD was finally reunited with his owner this week.

A group of terrible thieves spotted the beautiful shepherd relaxing alone in her yard when they snatched her away from her loving family.

After a long search, KABC- TV reports that the loving pup was returned in good health to his family on Saturday Night.

They report that the dog’s theft completely devastated his owner Francisco Torres, as the pup has become an instrumental part of his recovery.  Angela Torres says, that the Shepherd has “been really good” to her family.

The station reports the dog’s theft devastated owner Francisco Torres because of his struggles with PTSD. Angela Torres says PJ has “been really good” to her husband.

Stolen German Shepherd

“She’s part of our family, and mostly it’s more important for her to come back for my husband, because he suffers from PTSD and she’s been really good to him,” his wife, Angela Torres said last week.

Surveillance video caught someone taking the dog from the gated yard outside the family home.


No arrests have been made, and officials aren’t saying how PJ was found.

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