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"Stolen Dog Found 4 Years Later"

How would you feel if you realized your dog had been stolen?
You’d probably stop at nothing to find her.

Jessica Urbina didn’t. The Texas woman was reunited with her stolen dog four long years after he disappeared. She drove to DFW International Airport in Dallas to reclaim her lost pup. She cried as she pulled him from his kennel, then held him tightly.

Gone in a Flash

stolen dog reunited with owner

Jessica went to church on Easter Sunday in 2012. She let her dog, Bam Bam, a Shi Tzu, out into the yard to play, as she always did.

When she returned from church, Bam Bam was gone. But, there was no evidence that he’d escaped.

Panicked, Jessica and her family put up posters around her neighborhood, checked with pet adoption centers and shelters in the surrounding towns, and put in a ton of hours, for months, searching on foot.

But, Jessica couldn’t find Bam Bam. Because he’d been gone for so long, she assumed she’d never seem him again.

Hello From Las Vegas

Out of nowhere, Jessica received a call two weeks ago from the Siena Animal Hospital in Las Vegas. They asked if she’d lost her dog. 

Because of how long Bam Bam had been gone, and the distance between Las Vegas and Texas, Jessica was shocked to receive the phone call. 

Apparently a kind person found Bam Bam on the streets and dropped him off at the animal hospital. They scanned him, and got a hit on his microchip. 

Both staff at the animal hospital and Jessica figure that Bam Bam was stolen for breeding purposes. Because he’s a purebred, he was a prime target for dog thieves. 

The animal hospital reported that two other people tried to claim Bam Bam, but were refused because of lack of proof of ownership. 

Protect Your Dog – Don’t Wait 4 Years for a Microchip Miracle

Bam Bam and Jessica are lucky. Most stolen dogs never make it home. 

They can be taken for breeding purposes. or, worse yet, as training for dog fights. It’s a horrible thought, but it is reality. 

Microchips are a good back-up for keeping your dog safe. The problem is, your pup has to be found and scanned. If the thief doesn’t let them loose, your buddy is lost forever. 

Instead, get your dog a GPS dog collar. This will tell you exactly where your dog is at all times.  And, because you can set a perimeter of where they’re allowed to be, you’ll know immediately (you’ll be notified on your phone) that your dog is out of his area. 

This saves search time… and can save your dog’s life. Click Here to learn more about getting a GPS collar for your dog