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"Starved Pit Bull Found Alive In Trash Bag"

It started off just like a thousands walks before it, but where it led left a Philadelphia woman dumfounded, and gave a near-dead dog a second chance at life. 

Walk in Wissahickon Valley Creek

Barbara Adams was out for her daily walk with Sampson, a 1o-year old Spaniel. They wandered along the Wissahickon Valley Creek, an area just outside of Philadelphia. 

Sampson pulled Adams forward, desperately wanting to investigate a a trash bag laying on the fridgid ground. At first, Adams resisted. But, when she decided to investigate with Sampson, she made a startling discovery: there was a dog’s head poking out of the bag. 

A barely living dog. 

Sampson Found an Emaciated Pit Bull lying in the trash bag. 

Adams, startled, looked to see if the poor pit bull was breathing. She was. Adams tore the bag open and found a sheet tied around the dog’s neck. 

She whipped out her cellphone and dialed her husband, who called the Pennsylvania SPCA. 

Help was on the way, but Adams didn’t want to leave the dog in the cold November air for one second more than she had to. 

Pit Bull abandoned

Adams carried the pit bull over a mile until she found someone who could help. 

“She wan’t moving. There was so much sadness sin her eyes,” Adams said. The dog laid her head on Adams’ arm the entire walk. When she set the pit bull down, the dog’s legs collapsed from exhaustion. 

Help arrived and the dog was brought to the PSPCA shelter where she was chastened Cranberry, since she was saved so close to Thanksgiving. 

Cranberry is a 2 – 3 year old pit bull, and weighed only 20-lbs. 

Rebuilding an Abandoned, Abused Dog

The vets and shelter workers sprang into action to help Cranberry. They gave her intravenous fluids to stabilize her electrolytes, which were dangerously low. They could Cranberry to be emaciated, and suffering from an ear infection, infected pressure sores, and an ear infection. 

They’re starting her off with several small meals to help per bulk up to a normal weight. Because she was starving for so long, the re-feeding process must be done slowly so Cranberry’s body has a chance to get used to the food. 

Microchip Found

They scanned the dog, identified the owners, and an investigation is pending, though no charges have been filed yet. 

Despite her horrid situation, Cranberry is gaining strength. One shelter worker said, “She is a sweetheart. As soon as anyone starts looking at her, she starts wagging her tail.