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"After Six Months Apart, There’s A Happy Ending For Woman And Her Lost Dog"


There’s no telling why certain pups run away from home and get lost. They might have gotten spooked, saw a squirrel across the street, or just bolted out the door for seemingly no reason. And that’s what happened to a one-year-old-pup named Paris.

Paris, a Maltese from New Jersey, ran away from her apartment she shares with her mom, Tanya D. Flowers in Jersey City. Flowers had no idea why Paris would run off, but she was devastated either way.

What’s worse is that a witness reportedly saw a man scoop up the dog and drive off.

Flowers spent hours upon hours handing out fliers and trying to contact shelters with no luck.

But then, a miracle happened.

After nearly six months, Flowers received a call from a shelter in Staten Island, New York.

They found Paris.

“I really thought my dog was gone forever. I also wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not because I had received numerous prank phone calls from the fliers I had put up,” Flowers said.

Paris was allegedly found near North Bergen around four months before the shelter called Flowers by a man who found her and took her in. After he couldn’t care for her anymore, he took Paris to his mother’s house in Staten Island, New York.

When the mother took the little pup to the vet, they discovered she had a microchip.

“When I walked up to the door in Staten Island and saw my dog, I just started screaming,” Flowers said.

And Paris was just as excited – she couldn’t stop barking and licking her mom’s face!

Luckily Paris had a microchip was able to be safely reunite with her family. But not every dog is as luck as Paris. Make sure you always know where your pup is with a Nuzzle collar. With GPS tracking ability, you’ll always know where your furry friend is. Learn more about Nuzzle here.