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"The Shocking Truth Revealing How Dirty Your Pet’s Belongings Really Are"


According to a recent survey, almost one-third of more than 2,000 pet owners did not know their pets’ toys collected bacteria, dirt, mold, and yeast. For example, one in five pet owners waited about a month to clean their pet’s water and food bowls – even though those are the two dirtiest belongings! Here’s a closer look at just how dirty your pets belongings really are.


How many toys does your dog have? If you’re like many dog owners, it’s probably enough to fill an entire room. But do you know how dirty they actually are? Since dog toys spend most of the time if your pup’s mouth, they’re expected to be a bit dirty. But, one-third of pet owners had no clue their pet’s toys contained bacteria, dirt, yeast and mold. And, one in five pet owners had no idea when they should replace the toys.

Routinely washing your dog’s toys – both hard plastic ones and stuffed ones – will help keep them clean. And, know when it’s time to toss a toy. For example, if it’s tearing or showing any sharp edges, it’s time to throw it out.

Blankets & Beds

Six percent of pet owners have never washed or cleaned their pets bed. And, nearly 20 percent of owners had to clue how often their blankets and beds should be washed. Although pet bedding and blankets should be cleaned every month – nine percent of pet owners have gone months without washing or cleaning them. In fact, eight percent of dog parents admitted their pet contracted fleas from a dirty dog bed.

As a solution, make sure to switch out your pups bedding once a week. This will keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy and flea-free. If the bed or blanket has any rips or stuffing coming out, it’s time to throw it out!

Grooming Tools & Flea Treatment

Just like with humans, dog medications or grooming tools can become expired or broken. Almost 50 percent of pet owners don’t clean out their pet’s medicine cabinet regularly.

Routinely check your dog’s medications – like flea and tick treatments or expired medicines. Out-of-date treatments or medications are not effective. Also, make sure to throw away any brushes, combs or accessories that are broken or missing bristles.

Food & Water Bowls

One in 100 pet owners have never washed or scrubbed their pets’ food and water bowls, even though they are one of the dirtiest items in your home. Nearly six percent still use chipped or cracked food or water bowls, a dangerous habit that can lead to injuries or cuts in your pup’s mouth.

Washing your pet’s food and water bowls every day is a simple solution. Wash them with hot water and antibacterial soap. And, if the bowl is cracked or chipped, toss it out!


Don’t be another pet owner statistic – make sure to routinely check and wash your pet’s dirty belongings to ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy!

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