Features & Capabilities of Nuzzle GPS Pet Tracking Collar - Nuzzle

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Collar & App


Using advanced GPS tracking and cellular connectivity, Nuzzle can pinpoint your pet’s location anywhere in the U.S.

Nuzzle GPS Pet Collar offers the most accurate GPS on the market.

With GPS, AT&T cellular connectivity, and Bluetooth Smart capability, Nuzzle make’s sure that you always know exactly where your loved pet is. We can track your pet’s location down to 10 feet.

We are the only GPS pet tracker with cellular connectivity for 24/7 monitoring anywhere in the U.S. with no-fees.

Which enables users to be able to track your pet’s location, in real-time, via the Nuzzle GPS collar.

Pet Activity & Fitness Tracker


Nuzzle has a state of the art pet activity tracker  allows for users to track all of your dog’s activity and movements. We like to call it our “fitbit for dogs”

Nuzzle’s activity features in our gps app allow for you to

Set daily, weekly and monthly goals for your pet and track it through the Nuzzle App’s activity log.

You can see how your pet’s activity increases or decreases hourly, daily, or weekly in Nuzzle’s Activity section.

Monitor high or low spikes in your pet’s activity level over time. Compare your pet’s activity levels to the activity of other pets.

Track your pet’s activity by seeing when, where and what types of exercise and activity they are logging in the Nuzzle App.

Geofencing Wireless

Dog Fence


The Nuzzle GPS Collar offers the most advanced geo-fencing offered on a smart dog collar or pet wearable.

Nuzzle enables you to use your app to choose a virtual GPS boundary around your property or any home location.

Nuzzle allows you to select specific geofence perimeters within the app. If your pet leaves the designated area the Nuzzle app sends an immediate notification to your phone that your pet has left the geofence.


Nuzzle GPS Collar Geofencing is essential?

for pet owners who.

Want to be immediately alerted if their dog escapes their home or yard

Want to be notified when their pet goes for a walk and can monitor them closely

Needs to set-up multiple geofening coverage areas so they can always feel like their dog is  safe and secure.

Warning that your pet has left the geofence and would be in danger

Pet Temperature Sensor 


Nuzzle is the first smart collar to feature a built in temperature sensor thermometer.  Nuzzle will alert you if your pet is experiencing extreme temperature changes.