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"Adoptable Dogs Find Forever Homes At ‘Puppy Sweater Party’"

What could be a cuter way to help homeless dogs and cats find forever homes than at a Puppy Sweater Party?

The Richmond Welfare Foundation and hardwood Brewery teamed up to help homeless dogs and cats find homes.

Pet Parents, Meet Your Cute New Fur Friends

Dogs and cats form Richmond animal care were brought to the brewery, dressed in adorable sweaters. Prospective parents got to meet and spend time with the dogs and cats.

Many Found Homes

Luckily, many of the dogs and cats were adopted and went home with their new, loving families just in time for the holidays. 

Tips For Helping Homeless Pets This Holiday Season

First, know that there are thousands of dogs in shelters (some of these are kill-shelters), rescues, and at the county pound right in your area. These pets are just waiting for someone to bail them out and give them a loving home.

Before you buy, considering adopting.

Because these dogs and cats deserve a home. 

Don’t Forget The Big Boys And Girls

Don’t have a lot of extra energy to chase a puppy or kitten around? Consider adopting an adult or senior dog or cat. Many times these beautiful animals have been dumped after years of faithful friendship. Giving them a home will be one of the most rewarding gifts you’ll ever give.

Consult Your Local Shelter Or Petfinder

Pet finder is a great website for finding homeless dogs and cats. Search by city, breed, even size. 

You can also do a simple web search to find the type of dog you’re looking for that is waiting for you at the rescue or shelter. 

Not Ready To Adopt?

Not ready to bring in a homeless dog or cat? Can’t handle the expense or just don’t have the time or space for them?

No problem. If you can’t adopt, donate. 

Shelters and rescues always need:

  • Food and treats
  • Blankets and beds
  • Toys, leashes, and collars
  • Paper, office supplies
  • Crates
  • Money

If you can’t afford to donate money, remember that they’d gladly accept your time. Helping walk or wash dogs and cats is a huge help to shelters. Assisting in adoption drives, or simply getting the word out helps tremendously. Cross-sharing on social media is an easy, no-cost way to help homeless pets find homes this holiday season.