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"Police Dog Who Went Missing Was Found 13 Hours Later"



K-9 police dogs are extraordinary assets to any police force. Not only are they incredibly smart, extremely helpful, and trustworthy, the bond between a K-9 officer and their handler is like no other. They spend all their working hours together and often live together when off-duty. So when an off-duty K-9 officer named Deebo went missing one night, the search was on.

The German Shepherd, is a member of the K-9 officer unit at the Saginaw Police Department in Michigan. He was on vacation with his owner at a home located on the north end in the Chippewa Lake area. It was around 7 p.m. on a Monday night when Deebo decided to go on an adventure.

Four Saginaw police officers were then dispatched to Mecosta County to help search for Deebo.

The all-black German Shepherd was finally found nearly 13 hours later – around 8:30 a.m. the following Tuesday – trotting along the side of the road near Chippewa Lake.



Luckily, Deebo didn’t sustain any injuries during his off-leash adventure. No one is quite sure how Deebo got away or why he decided to wander off, but they are certainly happy to have him back on the job.

Although Deebo was found safe and sound, not all missing dog stories have a happy ending. Countless lost dogs end up at over-crowded shelters while others are hit by cars or sustain other serious injuries.  Some dogs that go missing never make it home.

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