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"Pizza Deliveryman Stops Everything To Rescue Lost Dog On His Route"


Steven Donovan was just doing his job delivering a pizza when he spotted a small dog scurry out into the road. Even though he knew he would be late for work, he knew he had to do something.

So he turned around.

“I was about to turn onto a major road and I saw him run across the street… and immediately turned around and went back. I couldn’t just leave the dog out there,” Donovan said.

Luckily, Donovan was able to find the little pup and coax him into his car so he wouldn’t get hit. And, the dog just so happened to have a tag on his collar! His name was Snickers and he also lived just a few miles from where he was found.

Donovan was determined to get Snickers home safe and sound – but he had to deliver the pizza first.

So, Donovan and Mr. Snickers went on an adventure.

“The dog was really chill. He didn’t try and eat the pizza at all,” said Donovan.

The duo delivered the pizza and Donovan quickly dropped it off while his new furry sidekick waited in the car. Donovan explained to the customers what happened and why he was late. Rather than be annoyed, they totally understood and thought what Donovan did was pretty great.

“I told them, ‘I’m sorry your pizza is late; I just had to rescue the dog first,” he said.

According to Snickers’ tag, he lived pretty far away from Donovan’s delivery route. But Donovan knew he had help out his new friend – even if he meant he could get in trouble with his boss.


“I wouldn’t mind getting fired over this. I mean, it’s a dog running in the street. I had to help him,” Donovan said.

So, Donovan drove him to his neighborhood and the pup seemed to immediately recognize where he was.

“He perked up and noticed this was his neighborhood, and he was wagging his tail and getting all excited,” he said.

In a strange turn of events, Snickers’ father didn’t live there anymore but his tag hadn’t been updated. Donovan met some of the neighbors, who offered to help and take Snickers in to make sure he got reunited with his dad.


Perhaps Snickers got loose and scared, then tried to find his way back to his old house instead of his new one. Either way, he’s off the streets and safe from harm – all thanks to a guy just trying to do his job.

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