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Using Nuzzle Helps Keep Your Dog Safe

A Survey of American Pet Products Association (APPA) reported that almost 44% of U.S. residents have at least one dog. 35% of Americans own at least one cat. Our rescue dogs enrich our lives. Caring for them is the priority – we give them the best food we can afford. We get them exercise, and provide them with the best possible vet care. There is nothing we place above their safety, and you will do anything to keep your dog safe.

However, going to the vet can be expensive, especially when emergencies arise. In the unfortunate event that your dog gets out and is hit by a car, or injured while on the run, the emergency costs could run in the thousands, and many doggie ER’s only accept cash, or pet insurance.

Nuzzle Pet Insurance To Keep Your Dog Safe

A survey by the APPA also reported that only 3% of dogs and 1% of cats in USA are insured. The annual premiums tend to run at $460 and $290 for dogs and cats respectively. Many dog owners simply don’t realize the value in having insurance, and how it can literally help save your dog’s life. It is the easiest way to always keep your dog safe.

We at Nuzzle believe that insurance is absolutely key to keeping our dogs safe.  That’s why we not only offer affordable insurance, but we’ve also partnered with design studio Ammunition to bring you the Nuzzle collar. Nuzzle is actually a GPS device which keeps an eye on our pets. It also monitors their physical health and wellbeing. Additionally, we offer many optional pet insurance coverages through the accompanying mobile app.

The Nuzzle Collar

Nuzzle collar is water-proof and allows you to set-up a geo-fence perimeter around their home. If your dog is pushing the limits, you’ll be notified on your smartphone. Collision detection and increase or decrease of body temperature will also let you know if something has gone wrong.

Keep Your Dog Safe

It also has a built-in activity monitor, kind of a doggie pedometer, but also measures body temperature and activity levels.

Nuzzle GPS Collar

Combining Nuzzle with insurance can ensure that if your pet manages to slip out of sight, you will be able to find them, fast. And, if they are injured on their solo sojourns, you can have them patched up at the vet or ER without having to worry about not being able to afford their care.


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