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Lovable German Shepherd Nicknamed “Freeway Frida” Saved

After spending five weeks on the median of Highway 99, a lovable German Shepherd nicknamed Freeway Frida, was recently saved by authorities in Galt, California. A motorist had initially seen the German Shepherd leap or fall from a pickup truck, Policeman Silvia Coelho tells ABC News. Calls poured in every day since from people who had passed saying they saw a wounded dog. Frida spent over a month evading capture. Maybe waiting because she couldn’t locate her way out of traffic, or she was waiting for her owner to return. Coehlo says it was like she was a ghost, as cops never saw her, regardless of how often they went to assess a call involving her.

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How they Finally Got Her

On Saturday, May 14, Coehlo got lucky, when Freeway Frida was spotted. Frida is now in the care of VCA Animal Hospital in Bradshaw, Elk Grove, California. Coehlo states “She is doing wonderful now. She was extremely skinny and malnourished whenever we first brought her in, but she is on the mend. She is beginning to relax, though she was skittish at first.” Freeway Frida’s veterinarian. Mike Johnson, is shocked that she not only survived the fall on the highway, but additionally that she managed to remain alive for over a month after that point.

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“She will undergo surgery shortly to have her leg break fixed, and the damage to her tendons, as well as malnutrition and dehydration. She is really a wonderful small dog.” Johnson told the Sacramento Bee, and he anticipates she’ll make a complete recovery. As for the owner of Frida, no one has come forward to claim her and she does not have any microchip. But that does not mean she is without a home, Policeman Coehlo says that Frida has a strong heart and a powerful will for surviving on that the median for five weeks, and she just might have to adopt her. She is really amazing.

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