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"Lost Dog Was Stranded On River For Days Before A Miracle Happened"



Lost dogs can sometimes get stuck in the strangest predicaments. Some, for example, find themselves lost in the woods while others find themselves in a cop car. For one lost dog, he found himself stranded in the middle of a river.

In Greenfield, California, a local search party was looking for a man that may have drowned when spotted something unusual on a large debris pile near the middle of the Salinas River – a pit bull.



The dog had been stranded on the debris pile for a few days, but no one knew how to help him. Then local animal rescuer Jessica Barraza came to the rescue. She heard about the lost dog and knew she had to help him.

“I’m known in the community as an animal rescuer. A friend who is also involved in animal rescue heard of the dog’s situation and got in touch with me immediately,” Barraza said to The Dodo.

When they arrived at the river the following morning, the pit bull looked friendly and anxious to get out of that situation.

One of the rescuers started collecting branches in an attempt to make the debris pile taller so the stranded pup could climb out on his own. She found a large, sturdy branch, but the dog was too scared to use it as a ladder.

Barraza knew she had to get to the dog. So she climbed down to him.



The rescuers were then able to carry the pup back to safety.

Originally, Barraza thought the pit bull was dumped by someone who didn’t want him anymore.



Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

Barraza said the pup had gotten loose and his family had been looking for him everywhere – driving around and putting up lost dog flyers.

No one knows how the adventurous pup ended up on that river but they do know one thing – he “definitely had angels watching over him.”



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