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"Lost Dog Finds Help By Jumping In Cop Car"



How many times has your dog slipped through the door and ran like the wind? While some dogs will come back, others won’t. Cue the panic.

That is feeling the owners of a pup from California must’ve felt once they realized their beloved furry friend was missing.

It all started on an early Wednesday morning when Deputy Hammell, from the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s office in Sonora, CA, saw a suspicious car parked in a parking lot.

He left his driver door open to check out the situation and speak to the individuals in the car. After completing the investigation, Deputy Hammell returned to his car where he noticed something hanging out in the passenger seat: a dog.

The pup, named Ruger, must have been wandering around when he stumbled upon the cop car. He decided to take the opportunity to hop in and make himself comfortable in the passenger seat.

Luckily, Ruger had a tag on his collar with his owner’s information. Realizing he was finally safe, Ruger knew he could relax.

“Ruger had made himself comfortable while Dispatch located his owner’s address from the information listed on his collar,” the Tuolumne County Facebook page states.

“He fell fast asleep inside the warm patrol car as his owners were located,” they said.



Once Ruger’s owners were located, the deputy gave his temporary co-pilot a ride home. They were so excited to see him and told the deputy they have been looking all night for him.

While Ruger’s story has a happy ending, that isn’t always the case. Numerous lost pets don’t ever get the chance to be reunited with their families. Thanks to the Nuzzle collar, though, the chance of your pet getting lost can greatly be decreased. With the GPS technology in the collar, you’ll know where your pup is at all times.

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