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What Is A GPS Dog Collar?

Are you worried about your dog or cat getting out of your house or yard and becoming lost? Do you fear the UPS driver accidentally leaving the gate latch unlocked, allowing your pet to wander away? Or do you worry that your dog may slip his leash on a walk? If so, a GPS dog collar or cat collar is right for you.


What is a GPS dog collar?

GPS stands for Global Positioning Satellite. It’s the same technology that guides you to your destination when driving with devices like Garmin, TomTom, and On-Star. Whenever you use Google maps on your phone, you’re utilizing your cell phone’s GPS capabilities. If you’ve ever gotten lost in an unfamiliar area, flipped on your car’s navigation system or found your way home using Google maps, you know how effective GPS can be.

How a GPS Dog Collar Can Save Your Pet’s Life

The first thing you realize when your dog or cat is lost is just how big your neighborhood is. If they got away while you weren’t home, or didn’t notice, you know that they could’ve gone in a million different directions.


Dogs can cover over a dozen miles in an hour. If they slipped out in the morning after you left for work, and you return 8-hours later, how far could they be? Even in a small town, the likelihood of finding them is slim.

Cat’s don’t wander quite as far, but they are more prone to hide. It’s part of their survival instinct. They climb trees, hide under cars, in garages, and in tiny, hard to reach places.

Now, imagine if your dog or cat had a GPS system attached to them. You could easily find them, even if they’ve been away for hours.

How Can a Dog Collar Have GPS?

Nuzzle is a GPS enabled collar attachment for dogs and cats. The system is battery operated, and transmits updates to your smart phone. You can get turn-by-turn tracking on your pet, and the system is accurate to about 20-feet.

gps dog collar

Although the box is small, and will not weigh down even the smallest pets, it is powerful. Linked to Nuzzle’s app on your phone, you can get readouts on your activity level, body temperature, and most importantly, their location. You can also set up geo-fencing, or parameters on how far your dog can roam in your yard before it trips a notification.


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