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"German Shepherd Rescued After Surviving Five Weeks At Sea"

A brave German Shepherd that was thought to have drowned at sea, was found alive over 5 weeks after falling overboard.

Nick’s dog, Luna is a 1-year-old German Shepherd, was saved by  a group of sailors that spotted her from their training base over 70 miles off the coast of San Diego.

(U.S. Navy via AP)

(U.S. Navy via AP)

The blue-eyed pup disappeared February 10 as Haworth, a commercial fisherman from San Diego, worked on a boat two miles from the island.

The beautiful icy-eyed shepherd fell off of hew owners boat as he worked about 2 miles off shore. ‘They were pulling in their (lobster) traps, and one minute Luna was there, and the next minute she was gone,’ said Sandy DeMunnik, spokeswoman for Naval Base Coronado.

‘They looked everywhere for her, but they couldn’t see her. The water was dark, and she’s dark.’

Nick immediately notified the Navy that there was a missing and overboard dog. “He insisted that he was 90 percent sure that she made it to shore because she was such a strong swimmer”

The owner spent over a week searching nearby islands and seas, but he still couldn’t find Luna.

German Shepherd Rescued

Just when nick had given up hope, a couple of Naby employees saw something strange. A dog sitting on the side of the road.

No domestic pets are allowed on the island since the military uses the island to conduct frequent military drills according to KGTV.


‘She was just sitting there wagging her tail,’ DeMunnik said. The staff called to Luna, and she came right over.

One of the navy doctors took al look at Luna and miraculously she was unharmed from her fight for survival.

‘It looks like she was surviving on rodents and dead fish that had washed up,’ DeMunnik said.

The doctor immediately called her owner, who was overwhelmed with joy.

On Wednesday afternoon, Luna was flown to a Navy base on the mainland and handed over to Haworth’s best friend, who will care for the dog until her owner returns Thursday night.

Luna, meanwhile, has a souvenir of the experience. Her dog tag was lost but the Navy gave her a new one,

Along with her name, it bears a key lesson in the Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) course taught on the island to Navy and Marine personnel. The tag reads: ‘Keep the Faith.’ She’s one more German Shepherd rescued.

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Originally Reported by the AP