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"12 Retail Stores That Let You Bring Your Dog Along"

Dog friendly stores: petco


You have to go out for food, or to buy that new shirt for tomorrow’s interview. Or, you’r win the middle of a home renovation and you need to make near-constant runs to the hardware store for all the little things you keep forgetting. 

These daily hassles are made much worse when you have to leave your dog home alone. A trip to some of these big box stores can take a few hours. Do you really want to leave your buddy behind?

Worse, do you want to leave them in the car, alone, among thieves and a world of potential problems?

Dog Friendly Stores In The U.S.

Dog friendly stores


More and more stores, from large national chains to mom and pop shops are allowing pet owners to bring in their dogs and cats. As more shops are owned by dog lovers, it is now much easier to bring your dog along while you shop. 

Even when you do locate dog friendly stores, make sure to be respectful of the other shoppers, the other dogs and cats in the store, and of course, the store’s owners.

Keep your pup on a leash (same goes for cats). If they need to be in a carrier, make sure they’re secure for their own safety. 

Be prepared to clean up any accidents – remember, the smell of other dogs can be a serious bathroom motivator. 

Because being in a new environment can be overly stimulating, your pup may be tempted to bolt. Make sure they’re wearing their GPS collar to keep them safe in case of accidentally getting lost. 


Petco’s longtime motto was, “Where Pets Go”. And, they mean it. Petco was one of the first chains to openly allow pets inside to shop along side their humans. It’s convent to do your doggie related shopping with your best friend at your side. Plus, it’s like Disney for dogs in there, with treats, toys, and food literally everywhere!

The Home Depot and Lowes

No more long, lonely trips to the hardware store while you curse yourself for again forgetting to the PVC compound or the right type of nail. Now, your pal can stroll the extra-wide isles with you. 

Every Home Depot is independently owned, so it’s best to check with your store before entering, but nearly all Home Depots are welcoming to dogs. 

Lowes, like the Home Depot, will welcome your pets with open arms. 


Need to bring your buddy into a boutique? No problem. Nordstrom has surprised pet lovers by allowing “well behaved” dogs inside. Your buddy must be leashed, but they are welcomed to pursue the latest fashions along with you. 

Tractor Supply Company

Tractors Supply is very pet friendly. They have items for dogs, birds, cats, deer, horses, and livestock, and almost all stores welcome your pets. 

Some other stores that are known to be very dog friendly:

  • Macy’s
  • The Apple Store (each store varies, check before entering)
  • Pottery Barn
  • Petsmart
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • BASS Pro Shops
  • TJ Maxx and Marshalls 
  • Homegoods