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"Family Is Devastated When Dog Runs Away, 4 Years Later The Unexpected Appears On Their Doorstep"


One of the most devastating and heartbreaking times in a dog owners life is the moment they realize their furry companion is lost. While some return safe and sound to their homes, others are not so fortunate. When Joel and Carolyn McDonald’s German Shepherd, Molly, ran away four years ago, they never expected to see her again – until the unthinkable happened.

Joel was enjoying a relaxing afternoon on his porch when a German Shepherd unexpectedly walked up to him. He thought the pup looked strangely like Molly but didn’t want to get his hopes up – especially since it had been four years.

Then the dog laid her head on his lap.

Joel immediately knew it was Molly.



Joel called Carolyn and she rushed home – positively amazed to see the pup. To make sure it was actually Molly, they took the pup to their veterinarian’s office to scan for a microchip.

A vet tech at the veterinary office didn’t even ask Joel what his name was – she just scanned the dog.

“I looked down and I said, ‘We got a number!’ I looked it up in the computer and I said, ‘What’s your name?’ and I said, ‘that’s your Molly.’”

The sweet reunion made everyone tear up. But the question remains – where was Molly during those four years?

“I’ve asked her and asked her, but she won’t tell me where she’s been,” Joel joked to WBTV.

No matter where Molly was during that time, the important thing is that she is now safe and sound where she belongs – with her family.

Molly’s story is a heartwarming one, but not every story about a lost dog has a happy ending. Unfortunately, many dogs don’t ever return to their families. To make sure that never happens to your pup, get them the Nuzzle collar. With GPS technology and activity monitoring, you’ll always know where your dog is and what they are doing. Learn more about Nuzzle by clicking here.