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"Dog Waits At Scene Of Car Crash For Two Weeks For Her Family To Return"


Imagine being stranded in the woods for nearly two weeks. You wait for your family to return, but slowly lose hope after each passing day. That was life for Ella after she survived a horrific car crash that left her alone for two weeks.

The Rottweiler was spotted on the side of a country highway in Tennessee by Kathy Wilkes-Myers. Wilkes-Myers, an animal rescue worker, saw the starving pup and immediately recognized the dog was not a stay, just lost.

“I could just tell right away she was somebody’s baby. She just didn’t act like a stray dog to me,” she said.

Wilkes-Myers wasn’t sure what to expect in Ella’s surrounding area. She spotted toothbrushes, a comb, and a handful of other personal items. She took some photos and brought the items with her, hoping it would help her uncover Ella’s mystery.


Miraculously, one of the items Ella had gathered at her spot in the woods was a candle with the name ‘Michelle’ on it as well as a notebook full of car insurance information. Wilkes-Myer’s called the number from the car insurance information, hoping an agent could help find Ella’s family.

And that’s just what she did.

After she got in contact with the family, Wilkes-Myers learned that Ella and her family were in a terrible rollover car accident. Ella had been flung from the car and was unable to be found by rescue workers. Ella’s family – the Kelley’s – were heartbroken that they lost their pet.

But unbeknownst to them, Ella had survived. And for those two weeks, Ella made a nest with her family’s personal items from the car until they could be reunited.

And then, they finally were.


Watch the full story here:

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