Why Does My Dog Try To Escape My Yard?

Why Does My Dog Try to Escape Our Yard?

You give your dogs the best life possible. You feed them awesome food, take them on long walks, and play with them every day. Plus you even give in when they put on their cutest begging face and let them share your potato chips with you. So, why would any dog want to escape out of its yard and roam into the harsh world that lies beyond the fence? Well there are reasons why a dog likes to escape the garden.


Escape Reason 1: Why Dogs Like to Roam

  1. Boredom – Your yard may be boring. Sure there are trees and a bench and flowers to traipse through, but, chances are your pooch has smelled every square inch of the place a million times over.

Just being in the same yard and house day-in and day-out can become boring. Going for walks helps this problem, but it doesn’t always cure it completely. Try adding new things to the back yard, or providing your dog with new toys while they’re outside. Going out and playing in the yard with them can go a long way to stopping boredom.


Escape Reason 2: WildLife

  1. Squirrels, Rabbits, and Other Local Wildlife – Almost all dogs, regardless of breed, have a drive to either herd or hunt. Seeing a deer, rabbit, or squirrel can trigger these instincts. Your dog doesn’t have higher reasoning. It’s not thinking, “oh, there’s a squirrel, I’d love to chase it but then I’d miss dinner, and my human has been feeding me roasted chicken lately, I don’t want to miss dinner.”

Instead, its brain says, “Squirrel! Chase it, NOW!”

Exposing your dog to these animals as much as possible while on walks, or if you’re in the yard, teaching them that a nearby deer is no big deal, can go a long way to stopping them from becoming over-stimulated. If you’re in the yard, your dog sees a squirrel and begins barking, be calm, get in between them and the view of the squirrel, and get them to stop barking. This teaches them that there’s no reason for the excitement, and they’ll be less apt to try to break out.

Escape Reason 3: Love

  1. Looking for Love – if your dog isn’t neutered or spayed, when they go into heat, they will stop at almost nothing to break out of the fence and hunt for a mate.

The best solution would be to have them altered.


What If They Get Out of the Fence? 

Even dogs that show zero interest in getting out can sometimes find new motivation to get out of their fenced yard. When this happens, you can run around looking for them, hoping that you get to them before a car does. Or, you can track them down quickly and easily using your smartphone and their GPS collar.

gps dog collar

Nuzzle’s GPS enabled collars will help you find your dog by providing you with turn-by-turn tracking and GPS location. A small GPS is placed on their collar. This GPS is connected to an app on your cellphone. All you have to do is check the map. You’ll be able to see exactly where they’ve wandered off to, and know if they’re on the move or staying put.

Finding your dog when it gets out of your yard doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. Use Nuzzle and get rid of the added stress and worry – know where they are at all times.

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