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"Pit Bull Puppy Rescued From Burning Home By Heroic Police Officer"

A Pitbull puppy was pulled from his family’s home after it caught fire, leaving him trapped.

It’s the thing all dog owners fear. Leaving your house to go to work and getting the heart-wrenching phone call that your house is on fire – and your dog is in the house all alone.

This was the case for a Pitbull puppy in Stroudsburg, PA.

His family was away at work when a fire broke out in his home. The dog was alone.

Luckily, a neighbor called the police and fire department, both of whom arrived quickly to help put the fire out.

But, because they were notified that there was a dog inside, one of the officers stepped up to save the pup.

Dog Saved Just In Time

Officer Robert Brietfeller saw smoke billowing from the home when he arrived. Neighbors told him about the puppy trapped inside. Without hesitation, Officer Brietfeller knocked the front door down, disappearing into the smoky home.

Moments later her emerged with a scared puppy clinging to his chest. 

Dog saved by cop


The unidentified pup, nicknamed Smoky, was unharmed. He was returned to his owners safe and sound.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe From House Fires

Pit bull saved from fire


First, make sure that your pup doesn’t accidentally start a fire. 

If your dog is a counter-surfer, or likes to explore in areas of your house where electrical appliances can be knocked out of place or wires broken, it’s time to puppy-proof your home. 

Dogs that jump onto kitchen counters searching for food have been known to accidentally turn on stoves.

Or, they break wires on appliances. And, it’s not uncommon for them to knock over liquids that spill into electrical areas. 

Because this is extremely dangerous, the first thing to do is keep your dog off the counters while you aren’t home. For some dog owners, this will be a challenge. Dogs are really clever. They seem to find ways around even the tightest security measures. 

Best bet: Keep your kitchen blocked off or locked. If you have puppies, keep electrical wires out of their path. 

Keeping Your Dog Safe During a Fire

If a fire breaks out while you’re away, here are ways you can help your dog stay safe:

  • Give them an exit. Doggie doors are perfect for this. Make sure they’re wearing their GPS dog collar. 
  • Keep leashes and collars near the front door. Firefighters, police, and other rescuers can use them to get your dog out of the house
  • Because dogs will often hide in dangerous situations, it’s best to know their favorite spots and alert first responders
  • Pet stickers work because they let firemen know where and how many dogs are in your house. 
  • Smoke detectors save lives. Because your dog can’t call for help, installing smoke detectors that notify the fire department directly can save their lives.