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"Dog Who Loves Her Santa Toy Meets Real-Life Santa And Freaks Out"

Kya, a Shiba Inu, loves her Santa Calus toy. 

She plays with it constantly, sleeps with it, and is adorably obsessed with the red and white plush toy. 

Kya’s people, siblings, Angelina and John Montaldo told ABC News:

“Last year we got her [a Santa toy] at the dollar store when we first got her. She just always liked that one and bit his beard and stuff.”

Meeting Her Idol In Real Life

The Montaldos read that Santa was appearing to do photos with children and pets at the mall. Naturally, they were excited to bring Kya to meet the big man himself. 

Given her love for her Santa toy, it should come as no surprise that Kya became enchanted. Her people described her as being calm, but stared at Santa intently. 

When Kya finally met Santa, her reaction was priceless:

Lots Of Love For Kya

After the meeting, John Montaldo posted a picture of the encounter on Instagram. It gained over 150,00 likes quickly. 


Tips For When Your Dog Meets Santa

Want to do pet photos with Santa?

Not all dogs love the attention the way Kya does. 

Remember, you’re bringing your dog to a strange place with a lot of new people, and a man in red (often seen as black), with his face hidden is lurking in a big chair. It can be tough for some dogs to handle. So, if there’s a potential freak-out looming when your dog meets Santa Claus, it’s best to get them out of there. 

  • If your dog seems comfortable, proceed. But, be near them so they feel safe
  • Keep their GPS collar on at all times, especially when traveling to a new place, or a crowded area like the mall. Confusion and new places can lead to lost dogs
  • Is your pup liking it a little too much? If there’s too much excitement, take them for a long, energy-draining, calming walk. Tired dogs are well-behaved dogs!
  • Pack treats. Reward good behavior while visiting. It will not only make for a better picture-taking experience, but it will set the stage for good behavior during future travels