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Why We Created The Nuzzle GPS Collar

We created the Nuzzle GPS collar to make sure our pets and yours never become a statistic again.
The feeling of losing your pet is the single worst emotion a pet parent can experience.  I know-  I’ve been there and it is agony when your pet is lost.  Growing up, we had a small poodle named Simon.  My sisters and I absolutely adored him and he was the sweetest, most caring dog.

We Wouldn’t Have Lost Simon If We Had A GPS Collar

One day while we were playing in the back yard and inadvertently left the door open and Simon got out. We didn’t realize it until we went back in the house and looked for him.  After a few minutes, we knew Simon was missing.  We searched everywhere and couldn’t find him.  My little sister was in tears as we made and put up our missing dog posters.  Unfortunately, our story did not have a happy ending.  My dad got a call that one of our neighbors found Simon.  He had been hit by car about half a mile from our house.  I still get a knot in the pit of my stomach when I write this.

GPS Collar

That’s why Megan and I founded Nuzzle because as pet lovers, we know that terrible feeling. We wanted to ensure no pet parent ever had to feel that way again, we had to find a solution.

We began by looking at what technology was currently being used to prevent dog loss. Unfortunately, the only technology available in the market is micro-chipping and it is very out dated. Yes, it sounds high-tech, implanting a chip in your pet but have you ever studied the process for recovering a lost dog via micro-chip?

GPS Collar

GPS Collar vs Micro-Chipping

As the pet owner, you purchase the micro-chip and you take it to a vet or a vet technician. They will then place your information on the chip and they will implant the chip into your dog. This runs you around $80 for the procedure and is not invasive. Voila! Your dog is micro-chipped.

So what happens when your dog is lost? You need your dog to be found by a person and taken to a police station or a shelter that has micro-chip scanners. That wouldn’t have helped us find Simon.

Even if your dog is found, these scanners are not that common and without one, you cannot read the micro-chip. The Humane Society of the United States and the ASPCA both refer to a micro-chip as ‘a back-up’ to preventing lost pets and keeping your dog safe.


Even if your dog is micro-chipped, there is no proactive way to find them. You receive no alerts, there is no geo-fencing and there is no ability to track the lost dog. This owner only hopes to be lucky.

GPS Collar

So at this point, we knew we needed to come up with a creative solution and decided we wanted to create the first cellular GPS dog collar with no fees.


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Sassy Golden Retriever that has been a Nuzzle user from the start. #TeamNuzzle