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"Couple Does Baby Photo Shoot With Puppy After Parents Pressure Them To Have Kids"

An Australian couple, fed up with being asked when they’d finally have children, decided to take some of the sting out of the question.

No Baby, No Problem

Australian photographer, Elisha Minnette joined her married friend, Abby and Matt when they went to pick out a new puppy. 

On the ride over, Abby and Matt complained about how annoyed, and irritated, they are at being constantly asked when they’d have children. 

Their parents were on the hunt for grandkids. 

Since the couple has no plans to have a baby, the did the next best thing – the adopted a puppy. 

Baby photo shoot with puppy

The couple teamed up with Minnette to create a potshot that would mock the ubiquitous “newborn” or “baby” photo shoot. 

They posed with their puppy in most of the classic poses. 

Doggie photo shoot

Dog baby photo shoot

Tips For Having Great Photo Shoots With Your Dog

If you’d like to have a “baby” photo shoot with your dog, or you just want to get some great, high-quality professional pictures, there are a few ways to get the best pictures out of your dog.

Walk Them First – walking helps drain excess energy. A tired dog will sit much more calmly for pictures than a high-energy, wired dog

Take Candid Shots of Them Playing – Some dogs are freaked out by cameras. If you are doing a professional shoot, the photographer will have a big camera with an extended sense. This obscures the person’s face, which makes some dogs uneasy. 

Having some non-posed pictures taken while your pup is playing is a great way to help the feel comfortable with the idea of a camera. 

Hire A Pro That Loves Dogs 

Working with children and families is different than working with dogs. Finding a professional photographer that loves dogs, and is patient and gentle with them will make for a much more pleasurable shoot for you and your dog.

Pose With Them – Even if it’s just for a few photos, posing with your dog will make them feel much more comfortable. 

Keep Them Safe During Outdoor Shoots 

Because there’s an increased risk of them darting off whenever you’re outside, especially around strangers, it’s a great idea to put on their GPS collar before the shoot. 

You’ve taken the time to find a great, dog friendly photographer, and selected a really awesome place to do the shoot. But, no matter how many precautions you take, there’s always a chance something can go wrong. 

Because dogs can get freaked by cameras, strangers, or simply distracted while outside, you can keep them safe with a GPS dog collar.

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