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Ciccio Attends Mass Every Day At Dead Owner’s Church

This is the incredible story of Ciccio, the Italian Dog, who visits Church every day. The owner of Ciccio would visit the Santa Maria Assunta church every day for the morning mass. Even after the owner’s passing, Ciccio remains loyal and attends the same service.


Maybe he is there to pay his respects or maybe he attends the service in hope of a reunion with his master. What is clear is that Ciccio is a loyal German Shepherd and believes in retaining and honoring the routine of his owner. Prior to her death in November, Maria Margherita Lochi would go to church with her 7 year old German Shepherd. According to the Daily Mail, Ciccio, the loving German Shepherd dog, still turns up at the Santa Maria Assunta church. The church is located in the hamlet of San Donaci in Puglia. The place of worship held Lochi’s funeral and the coffin was followed by Ciccio as it was taken inside.

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Now the dog is a daily visitor to the church and has never missed a service. “He is there every time I conduct Mass and observes it quietly,” Father Donato Panna told the Daily Mail. “He does not make a sound.” According to Sud Italia News, he sits near the priest and beneath the altar. This is the same place he sat at the funeral of his beloved Maria and it seems to us that his hope is to see his cherished owner again.

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She was special to him and the town, as she was a kind lady. Ciccio was loyal to her and he followed her everywhere. This even included the church that she attended each day and to her favorite Mass. Miss Lochi took in many stray dogs and loved them and gave them great lives. However with all the dogs in her life, Ciccio was always seen as her favorite. He was like an extension of her and loved to emulate her and make her proud.

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The dog’s routine has had an effect on villagers. The villagers have started giving him shelter, water and food and allow him to stay in a covered place outside the church.

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This is another great story of devotion from a dog, that once again shows us they truly are man’s best friend.

Ciccio Attends Mass Every Day At Dead Owner’s Church



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